The newspaper La República has dedicated an article to the recognition that Microsoft has given to Bismart for our solutions focused on social services. The publication mentions that our solution for vulnerable populations is one of the five solutions that will save the world.

The solution in question is based on the technology Big Data and the analysis of a large amount of data related to people in unfavorable situations, at risk of poverty or social exclusion. The analysis has been made thanks to the collaboration of people in this type of situation who have answered the survey questions in a completely anonymous and obviously voluntary manner. From this analysis of Big Date, it has been possible to create profiles among the group of people who suffer unfavorable situations to identify the differences between individuals, the most immediate and urgent needs in each case, etc. This solution allows the institutions and the administration to advance to situations of risk, to foresee the evolution of the situation and the necessary resources for the future and, in short, to offer solutions and services more adapted to the needs of each person.

In this sense, Bismart is proud to be mentioned as a company with one of the best technological solutions dedicated to creating social value and that our work and effort to develop projects that meet needs, is recognized in this way. Big Data is a leading technology in trend that has many utilities and, as in this case, can be used for the creation of ideas that improve people’s lives.

Bismart has been part of the Microsoft partner network for years and is one of the few Microsoft Power BI partner companies in Spain.

You can read the full article here (article only available in Catalan. You must have a subscription in order to read the article).