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Bismart Face and Emotion Recognition is an application able to scan any face and, taking in account other parameters such as sex or age, offers the leisure plans that best suit the user, according to his needs. We are in front of a Big Data Revolution era, in which Bismart has been able to develop new projects that represent the the 21st Century needs.

Bismart is the company responsible of the development of this new project, based on Machine Learning. The organization, born in 2009, has been able to give life to the big data revolution, and has taken advantage of its resources to create a tool dedicated and focused on developing smart cities and on the tourism industry. Bismart Face and Emotion Recognition is an application capable of recognizing the user’s mood and capable of providing, in response, a leisure recommendation, according to the subject’s emotions.

The application works through a simple process in which, via twitter, the user uploads a selfie, accompanied by the hashtag #BismartER and the system responds, automatically, with a recommendation like massage or a visit to Sagrada Familia, always adding a discount on each of the offers. Interested? Give it a try!

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