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The digital media La Semana, decided to analyse and advertise the technological event of the year: The Mobile World Congress, in which many companies, during the congress, decided to offer their technological and innovative tools. Specifically,a big data startup, that today has left behind its past as a startup, to become a company that is expanding around the world. This Catalan company, Bismart exposed, during the event, its application, based on Machine Learning, a tool capable of recognizing the user’s mood through facial recognition.

The attendants that chose to approach the event, did not want to miss the opportunity and most of them, decided to stop by Bismart’s stand in order to try this new application, known as Face and Emotion Recognition. The tool, says the company, is focused on tourism, however, it could reach other uses, such as the  prevention of crime.  In short, Face and Emotion Recognition became a  technological breakthrough that stunned the audience and the upper echelons of the Spanish society, such as ministers or members of the Catalan Government that decided to stop and try this modern tool.

Bismarts business intelligence tools at the congressBig Data methods during the mobile world congress