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Barcelona, 17 July 2017 (EFE). – The Catalan company Bismart has developed technology, based on statistical models, big data and the internet of things, to detect areas where drugs are sold.

The technology, which they’ve named “Crime Prediction”, aims to helps authorities to fight illegal drug trafficking.

According to Bismart’s CEO, Albert Isern, it’s a technology that makes uses of predictive analytical models and sensors using continual data analysis over a long period of time.

The company, which has already implemented this program in the police department in Chicago, wants to bring it to the Spanish market.

According to Isern, “advances in data analytics and machine learning mean we can now analyze data silos, helping departments to identify not just where crime is likely to occur, but also where and under what circumstances.”

“Taking advantage of information models that take into account crime history, demographics, climate information, geospatial information and other data, law enforcement agencies have the opportunity to better understand where to distribute their resources,” explained the CEO of Bismart, which is one of Microsoft’s strategic partners.  (EFE)

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