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The 21st century is an era in which machines surround us, while they turn into smart devices, capable of making decisions for themselves. The Mobile World Congress has created a technological environment. In this context, Bismart has decided to take a step furtherer and present its new project, based on Machine Learning: Face and Emotion Recognition. Amused by this technological novelty, the website Movilonia has described this tool that, basically, is capable of recognizing user’s facial characteristics, through Machine Learning. By obtaining the convenient machinery and creating the suitable tools, Bismart has presented its Business Intelligence definition.

How does Bismart present its Business Intelligence definition?

Business Intelligence are those strategies or tools focused on the creation and management of knowledge, by the analysis of existing data. Meanwhile, Bismart creates useful information from data and helps customers make better decisions. Moreover, its technological experience, enables the company to be responsible and to administrate different projects, such as Face and Emotion Recognition. However, this concrete software is based on Machine Learning, a discipline that explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn and make predictions, thanks to data.

With these objectives, an original application, able to recognize facial features, was brought to life. Are you interested? Try it, you will only need to write a tweet, accompanied by the hashtag #BismartER and you will be able to discover your mood in less than three seconds!

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