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The portal web Movilonia has valued different initiatives related to intelligent technology. The appearance of Bismart in the article has to do with the initiative launched by Amazon, which allows users to pay through facial recognition. This technology has also been used by Bismart at the Mobile World Congress, a one of its Business Intelligence products, known as Bismart Face and EmotioRecognition.

So far, the company claims that this application is only focused in tourism, however, in the next future the tool may have other uses. The company, in its entirety, is dedicated to the development and analysis of Big Data. In any case, their participation in the Mobile World Congress resulted in a tool able to detect user’s mood, through a selfie.

This new software is not yet available, it was introduced during the Mobile World Congress, and it includes the combination of facial recognition and leisure. Even do the tool is mostly dedicated to tourism and leisure, Bismart’s CEO explains that it could also work as an access pass.

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