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MuyPymes reflects and values Bismart participation in the Mobile World Congress. Bismart, during the Congress, developed a Business Intelligence presentation, based in a tool able to detect the mood of any subject, through a photograph. In addition, the application scans your face and evaluates other parameters such as sex or age, according to the result it will offer the plan the user needs.

Bismart’s employees talk about a “smart photo booth” that identifies, in real time, emotions through facial expression. The application scans a photography and processes the image through intelligent algorithms created by Bismart. So, if the user is stressed, the tool will recommend, for example, a massage or a gastronomic route through the city.

Its potential is focused on the tourism sector, however, this technology can be applied to other sectors, such as clothes shopping, that us we all know, most of the times, relies on mood.

Catalan media reflects the Machine Learning news during the MWCmachine learning in action by bismart