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The Catalan newspaper Ara, transmitted to readers, Bismart’s latest developments. Specifically, this time, the main focus is Bismart’s unstoppable expansion around the world and through different countries. In this occasion, the company has decided to develop its Business Intelligence systems in Singapore and San Francisco.

Just six years ago, the company was dedicated, exclusively, to the Spanish market and only had international offices in Qatar, however, the goal this year is to develop its Big Data and Artificial Intelligence concepts in Asia, where Bismart plans to open offices before 2017. In addition, apart from San Francisco and Singapore, Bismart has signed an agreement with Berlin, in order to develop a project to improve the management of refugees reception, in the city.

The company, in its entirety, is in constant growth, in 2015, it only had 40 workers and this year, it expects to reach 80 employees. In short, the company is constantly growing in number of workers and in international reach.

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