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El Punt Avui offers a tour through the companies that participated at the Mobile World Congress. Among them, Bismart’s Business Intelligence tools have been one of the most valued. In short, Bismart has developed a software capable of detecting mood and age in any person through a selfie. When the picture is taken, the program offers recommendations in order to enjoy a better experience in the Catalan city.

The success of the Mobile Congress, has to do with its ability to adapt to these new technologies that in the 21st Century have become very profitable Business Intelligence tools.   In addition, this software can detect emotions in real time, while it will, automatically, offer different activities or plans, according to the mood of the user.

The Catalan company’s application caused interest in all the attendees that were amused by it and made queues in order to take a selfie and check out their emotions during the congress. Thanks to these kind of proposals, the Mobile World Congress is what it is, and year after year, its popularity increases, converting it in one of the most important events of the year.

Bismart, specialized in Open Database, develops a new softwareBismart leaves behind its past as a Big Data startup and grows significantly