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The company Bismart, specialized in Big Data, presented its newest software at the Mobile World Congress, Emotion Face Recognition, based on Data Warehouse architecture. The tool is capable of scanning the user’s facial features, thanks to Business Intelligence algorithms, and in return provides a report, based on the facial analysis, prescribing, in return, an action or plan, that would improve their mood, for instance, a relaxing massage or a visit to Casa Batllo.

Meanwhile, a large number of attendees decided to stop at Bismart’s stand, in order to test the effectiveness of this new technology, able to identify mood in less than 5 seconds. This recognition provides age, percentage of happiness, of sadness or of irritation, and offers in return, leisure plans. This would be an example of this amazing Emotion and Face Recognition: “Hey, you are too stressed, why don’t you forget about the world for a while at the most relaxing spa from Barcelona” or “you are young and happy, enjoy the nightlife at Barcelona, don’t miss the most fashionable clubs”.

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Bismart, specialized in Big Data Analytics, at the Mobile World Congressbismart-diari-ara