Bismart appears in an article in the newspaper El Mundo which talks about the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress. Bismart, a company dedicated to date analysis and business-oriented business intelligence, participated in the IOT Solutions World Congress by exhibiting one of our technological solutions.

The solution, called Smart Social Man Care, won the award for best solution in Innovation & Technology. Smart Social Hombre Care is a Big Data system aimed at managing large volumes of data for health care planning in vulnerable population groups. This Big Data solution allows public services and institutions to develop a better management of their health care strategy oriented to the most vulnerable people and with less possibilities of access to public health, for several reasons. For Bismart, it is a great satisfaction to be able to continue creating solutions based on data analysis and technology, which help those people who need it most and provide social value.

The IOT Solutions World Congress is an international congress in which the most advanced technology companies in the world participate. For us, therefore, it is an honor to have been able to participate for another year, to present one of our solutions and to have been awarded such a special prize. These types of recognitions are one of the things that push us to continue working to offer the best solutions to our customers.

Participating in this type of conference is also a great opportunity to meet and get in touch with other companies in the sector and be inspired by other technological solutions developed by the best companies in the sector around the world.

If you want to know the other solutions awarded in the IOT Solutions World Congress, you can download the article of the World in full or read it below:


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