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Social media users and the Mobile World Congress attendees valued the success of the event. If we refer to those technologic companies that impressed the assistants, we can’t stop ourselves from mentioning Bismart, specialized in Big Data, offering its novelties and Machine Learning news.

Leaving aside the various technological developments that many companies presented during the Mobile World Congress, the Catalan Media Corporation shares with citizens a comparison of how press forgot or ignored the general underground strike. This stop in the metro service did not acquire the importance that the TMB employees had in mind. The Mobile World Congress has been captured by media as such an important event that any other parallel activity has been ignored by the national and international press (Check out the charts presented by the Catalan Media Corporation).

Bismart acquires presence at the end of this article because of the novelties that the company presented during the event, novelties such as Face and Emotion Recognition. These Developments eclipsed the strike that was thought to be one of the biggest and most important stops in Barcelona’s public transport.

An app that reflects Bismarts Big Data RevolutionA business intelligence presentation through Bismart 2