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Cat.Económica values the participation of the company Bismart during the Mobile World Congress. Bismart presented its own intelligent photo booth, basically, a Machine Learning software, that can detected emotions, age and possible plans of interest, in those attendees that decided to approach the company’s stand.

Albert Isern and the functionality of his Machine Learning Software

Bismart’s CEO, Albert Isern explains that we are in front of an application based on Machine Learning. In this case, the technology analyses faces, through artificial intelligence algorithms and detects emotions.

According to Isern, the invention could have many applications. So far, they have worked in the tourism sector. The tool recommends leisure plans, considering the user’s mood, in addition to age and sex. The application could offer a visit to Casa Batllo, a tapas route by the Born neighbourhood, or even a spa. In total, the tool offers 20 points or leisure plans in Barcelona. But Isern expects the number to increase as users get to know the application. If you are interested in receiving your own facial recognition,  you could also receive it by sending a selfie through twitter.

bismart-8tvBismart, one of the best Data Integration Companies, develops a new App