Solutions, not problems. Improvements in industry and service to the consumers is what is evident at the Internet of Things World Congress (IoT), held this week in Barcelona. Suitcases that tell us when they are lost, broken down cars that call the garage, professional coffee makers that control consumption and cleaning, or an intelligent robot that acts as a personal shopper from the Catalan company Bismart to provide an innovative shopping experience.

Telefónica has come to the rescue of fashion boutiques with a system of intelligent changing rooms that control clothing; what goes in and what goes out at all times is connected with the labels. The same company has also presented an interesting idea for managing vehicle fleets, cargo tracking and managing labour movement, as well as an online refrigerator and solutions related to electricity and water in the home.

Another telco, Vodafone, has announced that early in 2017 it will enable a narrowband connection dedicated solely to the Internet of Things.

What seems most innovative are the systems that take care of us and keep us healthy and away from danger. Eureco: a house who cares for the health of those who live through Internet-connected devices that allow monitoring of their virtual signs, customising their habits and routines, exercise rehabilitation and ensure that follow good eating habits. This is the future of things. 76% of the companies surveyed believe these technologies will be key to the success of any organisation in the future and the majority, 63% say they are already getting a significant return on their investments.

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