On Wednesday, June 7th, Microsoft and Bismart together organized an event looking at how Big Data can be applied to the public sector. We are living in an age where technological advancements allow us to create, record, and analyze massive quantities of data and information like never before. A lot of this information can be put to good use, and specifically toward the advancement of the well being of citizens through healthcare and government administration.

At Bismart, we use technology and Big Data practices to create solutions that help businesses and organizations optimize their activity. We develop different kind of activities related to Big Data: data integration, data analysis, data management, data quality controls and revisions, data governance, etc. These practices are equally helpful for private companies and for public organizations. In the case of this event, Microsoft and Bismart discussed the possibilities of Big Data treatment as a public service and the way working with Big Data can help the public sector ensure and better the well being of the citizens by, for example, offering them better public services and better experiences when using those services.

Taking advantage of the opportunities technology brings us these days is fundamental for any government that wants to make their public services more efficient and benefit the population with advanced resources. This is exactly why Microsoft and Bismart hosted this event, to discuss with figures of the government how can technology, in this case Big Data, offer them in order to develop and enlighten the services they offer.

Bismart and Microsoft organized a forum for discussion of these issues and opportunities, inviting major players from Catalonia’s government and other relevant personalities of the public sector. You can see a full breakdown of the day’s agenda here.

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