Data integration is the process of combining data from many different sources into an application and into meaningful and valuable information. A complete Database integration solution obtains valuable data from a variety of sources, usually with purposes that involve analysis, Business Intelligence or reporting. The advantage is that you obtain and reproduce one single view of your data and you gain valuable time by not searching data manually.

Database integration, one of our main services

Why do companies use Database Integration?

In general, a Database Integration project usually relates to these steps:

  • Collecting data from any source, whether it’s on basis, from the cloud, or both ways.
  • Integrating data, files from any source can be integrated in another data source. This step is necessary in order to start implementing a Data Analytics solution. Integrating and combining, in any business, accomplishes more accessible and usable data.
  • Delivering integrated data at the right time, exactly when the business needs it, close to real time or in actual real time.

Taking advantage of a Database Integration solution allows data management and an automatic data migration and data cleansing. On the other hand, Database Integration enables achieving integrated data in real time and, at the same time, helps:

  • Reducing time to market
  • Reducing cost of sales.
  • Minimizing errors that happened with manual processes.
  • Obtaining integrated access to all data so that the information needed for strategical/operational decision making is easily available.
  • Completing in real-time all the processing across all data sources to facilitate the development of new systems.

The connexion of diverse databases into an integrated database is not an easy thing and it must be done and revised by multiple viewpoints to guarantee that the operation is strong. The different databases can also work and operate through different programs. This adds to complexity towards the process but can be sorted by using an advanced program, a software and efficient resources.