Nuestra solución Bismart Folksonomy basada en la folksonomía, rama de la inteligencia artificial, ha sido aplicada en el Hospital del Mar para la investigación clínica del Covid-19. El laboratorio Ferrer ha colaborado en este proyecto que ha dado resultados increíbles y supone un proyecto de investigación clínica pionero en el país.

Our solution, Bismart Folksonomy, a form of artificial intelligence, has been applied at the Hospital del Mar for a Covid-19 clinical research. Ferrer laboratory has collaborated in this project, which has provided incredible results and is a pioneering clinical research project in Spain.

Thanks to Bismart Folksonomy, researchers and doctors at Hospital del Mar have been able to analyse more than 34,000 hospital discharges, 2,700 of which belonged to patients admitted for COVID-19. Thanks to this massive data analysis, the project coordinators have been able to draw conclusions about the effect of Covid-19 on patients, as well as the efficiency of the drugs applied, the most common side effects of the virus, etc.

Find out everything you need to know about this innovative project in this webinar about Bismart Folksonomy at Hospital del Mar:

Want to learn more about Bismart Folksonomy? Read all the information about the solution, download the datasheet or see how the solution works through the demo on the Bismart Folksonomy product page.

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