The artificial intelligence solution based on folksonomy Bismart Folksonomy appears in the Spanish media La Vanguardia, after the application of Bismart Folksonomy in Hospital del Mar to predict the evolution of Covid-19.

The application of Bismart Folksonomy at Hospital del Mar to control the Covid-19 health crisis is a pioneering data analysis project in Spain. The project has also been carried out in collaboration with Ferrer laboratory. Bismart Folksonomy has allowed the Barcelona hospital to analyse more than 34,000 hospital and emergency discharges, 2,700 of which belonged to patients admitted for COVID-19.

The newspaper La Vanguardia has published details of the project, as well as an interview with Dr. Laia Sans and Julio Pascual, both coordinators of the project. Laia Sans is an assistant doctor at the Nephrology Department of the Hospital del Mar. Julio Pascual is the director of the Healthcare and Medical Area of the Hospital del Mar and Jordi Martínez, also coordinator of the project, is the director of Innovation and Digital Transformation of the centre.

For more information on this leading project in the country, you can read the entire article published in La Vanguardia.

Do you want more information about Bismart Folksonomy? Read all the information about the solution, download the datasheet and try the demo of the solution on Bismart’s Folksonomy product page.

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