Bismart has developed, together with Hospital del Mar and Grupo Ferrer, the Bismart Folksonomy project, which consists of the application of text analytics technology and folksonomy to discover information and patterns within data sets. Folksonomy is a very powerful tool in order to automatize processes and deal with large datasets through intelligent text analysis.

How does it work?

Folksonomy is an artificial intelligent tool that discovers patterns and connections through text datasets. The machine identifies relationships between terms and, once they are identified, it has the ability to classify, monitor and autocomplete data by itself. For example, in the case of medical care, the machine can recognize the different words doctors use when describing a patient’s story, and it classifies all the cases so that data is organized and can be analyzed even if the doctors use different terms when writing down their notes on the system. This way, folksonomy allows organizations who work with big datasets and must analyze them to explore the results and reach conclusions, to do just that without having to go through impossible large amounts of data in various formats and, in consecuence, very complicated to study and analyze.

In this case, folksonomy was applied to medical care systems and more than 1,600 medical discharges were analysed to answer research questions formulated by the Hospital’s Nephrology Department. Bismart published an article detailing the characteristics of the technology used, as well as the objectives and results of the project.

The results of this project have been published on the hospital’s website, as well as Microsoft’s news website. Microsoft is the company providing the platform used to carry out the project.

The success of the project has also been reported in the newspaper La Vanguardia, as well as in other media outlets focused on the health sector.

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