In April, 24th, 2018, Bismart hosted the 3rd edition of Brainstorming Lunch which took place in a relaxed atmosphere with different representatives of the sector. This event is a success every year and it gives us, professionals i the field, the opportunity to share valuable time with one another and exchange opinions, visions and points of view.

In this year’s event, lunch revolved around Enterprise Information Integration & Master Data Management (EII/MDM). During the event, Bismart introduced their most recent MDM/EII and Folksonomy solution. Bismart has developed the best evolution of Enterprise Information Integration & Master Data Management (EII/MDM) in the market. The solution is created with the intention of making it easier for businesses and companies to  manage, integrate and master data, such as documents, enterprise information such as orders, delivery notes, receipts, etc.

Data integration and management are two fundamental activities when it comes to working with datasets. Nowadays, businesses’s most valuable asset is information and, in order to achieve great results, they need to control, analyze and manage this information correctly. Otherwise, the information will have no value at all. Data is not information and information are not insights. For data to become information, it has to be integrated, transformed, validated, certified and analyzed. That’s when we achieve quality data, which becomes a value and an extremely useful resource for creating our business strategies and make sure we are doing what we should do. Data management and Enterprise Information Integration can also help us identify new business opportunities, get to know our clients better, adapt our products and services to them, enrich our team work and work processes, etc. It also contributes to facilitate cooperation between the different departments of the company, make better decisions based on data and, in short, increase the profitability of our overall business.

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