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Magic Mirror – Intelligent BOT to Enhance Shopping Experience

Picture yourself in a store looking for a nice dress, where to even begin looking in the store? Wouldn’t it be better to have the perfect outfit suggested to you as you walk into the store, completely hassle free?

That dream is now a reality with the Magic Mirror.

The Magic Mirror is an intelligent mirror that scans your face, recognizes your emotions, and present you with the best outfit, tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Based on Artificial Intelligence this machine becomes a digital assistant that you can interact with by speech, text, and image recognition. It’s a robot, an intelligent mirror or a digital interface like a call center, a social media, or an e-commerce platform.

It is the best personal shopper that remembers loyal customers and rewards them with personalized fashion tips. In a store, it will offer you the coolest clothes and accessories, and let you share this new look with your friends through social media.

Thanks to the loyalty card, physical or virtual in your mobile phone, we gather information from your purchase history. The Big Data engine correlates this information with preferences, sociodemographical information, home types and others.

With Bismart’s intelligent algorithms, retail companies can profile their target customers and be more efficient in their marketing campaigns. They can do more with less.

The Magic Mirror comes up to you with the perfect product, you won’t be able to resist buying it.

bigov Better City Indicators

Dashboard including 120 city indicators inspired by the City Protocol Society and the 37120:2014 ISO, in order to measure the city’s level of development and to show how attractive is to live or to develop a business in it.

This solution measures the city’s level of development and to show how attractive is to live or to develop a business in. It aims to help local governments to design better policies in order to improve the lives of their citizens and the business environment.

Next generation Dashboard including 196 city indicators inspired by the City Protocol Society and the 37120:2014 ISO.

The implementation of ISO Indicators will facilitate the city to access the ISO 37120:2014 corresponding certification.

It measures the level of maturity as a Smart City: Comparison with other cities, Comparison of evolution in time with the city itself, Measure the alignment or distance from the particular objectives.

It aims to help local governments to design better policies.

Bigov Better City Indicators
City Bot

Intelligent City Bot

Picture yourself lost in a city, and an intelligent robot guides you with locations and timetables of city services. Plus, the robot helps you with the paperwork and endless administrative tasks.

Based on Artificial Intelligence this machine becomes a City Assistant, that you can interact with by speech, text and image recognition. It’s a robot or it’s a digital interface like a call center, social media or the municipality website.

Thanks to Big Data, the Bismart City BOT provides information about city services, such as police stations, pharmacies, primary healthcare centers, emergency centers, train stations, administrative offices, urban issues, tax payment, parking ticket, census certificate, etc.

Road Infrastructure Optimization

Bus network Analytics to identify elements to improve in the road infrastructure.

This predictive solution aims to get more passengers and reduce traffic congestion, to improve citizen services with the same resources and to reduce time needed to cross the city. To reduce the waiting time at bus stops with the same amount of buses, so to the passenger it appears as though there are more buses in operation.

Bismart’s predictive algorithms help to optimize the efficiency, improving main elements such as traffic lights phases, green waves, bus stop locations, accessibility platforms, bus lane widths, right of way priorities, etc.

Barcelona carrers
Smart Social home care for aging population

Big Data for Social Budget Planning

Smart Social Home Care for aging population and the vulnerable population. Big Data solution for healthcare & social services planning.

Bismart’s predictive solution helps governments plan next year’s budget. Municipalities offer grants in a reactive way, to people who apply for them. But there are a lot of old people who don’t know they can access help.

Now, Social Services are asking for the budget subjectively. They are fighting with other municipalities for the money, and he who shouts louder wins. Bismart correlates different sources of data to identify this vulnerable population. Bismart’s mathematical algorithms predict which collectives, for each territory, will need help and which services they will need.

Big Data allows us to change from a palliative approach to a preventive one.

Predictive Solution to Identify Population in Morbidity Risk

40% of the population suffers from some important chronic disease. These patients account for 85% of pharmacy spending and are 75% of patients admitted in primary care two or more times in the last twelve months.

In the population over 65 years, the prevalence of chronic disease patients is over 75% and the majority of these cases have more than one chronic disease. However, the prevalence will increase in the coming years, as society ages. Identifying the population at risk is essential to undertake proactive measures and more efficient monitoring of patients to improve healthcare quality while reducing costs.

To achieve this, Bismart is collaborating with the research group of the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS). Bismart is enriching the morbidity predictive algorithm developed by ICS, correlating sociodemographic and economic information, with Bismart’s vulnerability predictive algorithm.

Bismart solución para asistencia médica gente mayor

Air Pollution Forecasting to Prevent Health Issues 

Governments can take proactive actions to prevent further health issues on the population.

Air pollution has been linked to a significant decrease in life expectancy with an increase in Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

This solution measures the weather forecast and pollution variables predicting the degree of air pollution

The software can give cities and their residents the information needed to minimize pollution peaks before they are likely to happen, thus improving the quality of life.

Hospital Readmission Prevention

Machine learning solution which minimizes the number of readmissions in the hospital and reduces the hospital stay by identifying the population risk segments and the situations that occur when patients are readmitted. It improves the patient quality of life and reduces on costs.

This Machine Learning engine correlates statistical information about different variables such as the doctor, the service, the diagnosis, the time of day, the age range and the place of origin. This platform clusters different groups of variables to identify patterns and discover insights not foreseen by analysts.

Hospital readmission prevention
urban farming

Predictive Irrigation and Harvesting for Urban Farming

Data Analytics predictive solution to improve efficiency of irrigation, crop harvestation, fertilization, nutrients, pest control. Data Analytics helps you increase your yield and save water, energy and chemicals.

To solve specific problems related to sustainable energy, environmental conditions to reduce the greenhouse gas, and to provide socio-economic advantages in terms of quality of life, local employment and businesses, and citizen empowerment.

Each crop has different needs for water and nutrients during its specific growth cycle. The mathematical models lets you give your crops exactly what they need precisely when they need it.

Smart Logistics: Traceability of Matter Cycle of Food for Urban Farming

To reduce food transportation costs and environmental impacts, provide economic development opportunities, and reduce disparities in access to healthy food that have contributed to epidemic rates of obesity and diabetes especially among low-income populations.

The specific matter cycle of food is of uttermost importance since roughly one third of the food produced annually in the world for human consumption gets wasted, and its impact is both financial and environmental.

The cycle of food currently involves the extraction of material resources from nature (including food), their industrial or small-scale manipulation to transform them into products, the transportation and logistical infrastructures to reach consumers and also the management of waste materials.

Bismart Big Data Business Intelligence Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface

Medic Mirror

You can never know when you are going to fall ill, and when it happens it can often be too difficult to visit a doctor. Wouldn’t it be better to have the knowledge and recommendations of a medical professional in the comfort of your own home at all times?

Now you can with the Medic Mirror!

The Medic Mirror is a mirror for your home that you interact with in order to get a quick diagnosis and advice on how to treat common illnesses. You can interact with the mirror by means of facial scanning through the in-built camera, by voice, or by touch to answer survey questions.

eldcare Friendly Reminder

Our eldcare Friendly Reminders home-care unit gives helpful reminders to those in need of assistance to look after themselves at times others may not be able to do so.

Whether an elderly family member forgets to take their medication, or needs reminding of smaller tasks such as turning off lights, eldcare Friendly Reminders is here to take care and give those timely reminders.

Voice Helper Virtual Care Assistant Bismart

Big Data. Efficient Management of Large-Scale Events

It allows a boost in economic development enhances the citizens’ quality of life. The main sources of information are the following:

  • Comments on social networks
  • Public transport and traffic data
  • Parking and mobility data
  • Data of calls to the emergency services
  • Visits and interactions to the web page of a city or big event
  • Weather data
  • Sensors located within the city

The solution collects, analyzes and manages the huge volume of data generated around the cities during a big event, making this data useful in order to adapt the different public services offered to the citizen and, this way, to offer the citizen the best service. The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. National plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2013-2016. Ref.: TSI-100105-2014-193 

Big Data

Big Data processes big volumes of data providing, at last, the necessary oil to predict algorithms.

Big Data allows you to discover market trends, to know customer sentiments about your brand, your products or your services, to predict consumer behavior and to identify new business opportunities.

big data analytics at bismart
machine learning

Machine Learning

Stay ahead of your citizens needs by predicting what’s next.

Thanks to Big Data we can capture, manage and process huge quantities of structured and non-structured information. But the question is, what can we do with all this data? Artificial Intelligence algorithms transforms this complex data into prescriptive recommendations.

Internet of Things. Real Time Analytics

Ingest millions of city events and gain insights in real-time, with Stream Analytics and Event Hub Analytics technologies.

About Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, such as real-time remote management and monitoring or gaining insights from city sensors and devices like mobile phones. Machine learning identifies anomalies and when a specific error or condition appears it triggers alerts and takes intelligent actions, in real-time.

internet of things real time analytics
Traffic fatalities prevention

Traffic Fatalities Prevention

The aim of the project is to provide a machine learning service that predicts: The traffic accidents amount, in each geographic point, for the next period of time.

Depending on the environmental conditions at the time the prediction is made. The solution prescribes actions to minimize the number and impact of such accidents minimizing the needed resources.

European Union demands to reduce traffic fatalities, up to 50%, by 2020 compared to 2010. The deployment of police checkpoints, speed cameras, and other measures has been successful, but not good enough; the decreasing trend in fatal accidents inverted in 2015. This is the reason why we need predictive solutions.

Bismart’s Big Data solution predicts: The amount of traffic accidents, in each geographic point, for the next period of time. Governments can better plan where to deploy their resources. The solution prescribes actions to minimize the number and impact of such accidents.

Bismart correlates a variety of sources: accident files, roadworks, weather conditions and other data sets, providing a highly valuable accurate predictive model.

Crime Prediction

Advances in data analytics and machine learning now allow the data silos to be analyzed, helping departments pinpoint not only where crime is likely to occur, but when and under what circumstances. Where do people gather after sporting events? What happens when the weather turns warm? How do patterns change when school is out?

By leveraging computer models that take into consideration historical crime trends, demographics, climatology, geospatial information, and other data sets, law enforcement agencies can better plan where to deploy their resources.

Crime Prediction
Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Big Data allows you to discover market trends; to know citizens’ sentiments about your brand, your products or your services; to predict consumer behavior and to identify new business opportunities.

Capture real feedback from social media networks: Thematic detection and analysis. Sentiment analysis. Demographic and geographic analysis, Affinity Analysis

Population Health Management

The emerging use of data involved with the environmental and social determinants of health.

It is a good framework to allow governments, clinicians, social workers or other professionals, involved directly or indirectly in health care, to help patients efficiently.

Population health management
Urban Planning with Bismart

Urban Planning. Coverage Model for Public Centers

Big Data solution that predicts future demands of public services and prescribes the best locations for public centers and facilities: schools, primary healthcare centers, hospitals, city information offices, facilities, etc.

Big Data solution that predicts future demands of public services and prescribes the best locations for public centers and facilities: schools, primary healthcare centers, hospitals, police stations, city information offices, facilities, etc. Bismart’s predictive solutions help governments in urban planning and forecasting the annual budget.

Bismart Artificial Intelligence follows this methodology: Studying the current offer on services and public centers, Studying current services demands, Forecasting future needs based on socio demographical tendencies, Designing the mathematical model to optimize the location of new public centers.

The Machine Learning Coverage model methodology:

  • Analyzing current centers and services.
  • Studying current service demand.
  • Forecasting future needs based on socio demographical evolution.

Early Warning Indicators BSC

Key performance indicators measure strategic goals. This next generation dashboard alerts us if linked indicators are degrading and could affect the strategic kpis, predicting what’s to come.

Thanks to the analysis of the indicator relationships we are totally proactive. We can predict the future, risks that could be avoided/mitigated and opportunities that could be exploited. This dashboard provides timeliness of risk/opportunity focused warnings and measures.

Early Warning Indicators BSC
bigov city management dashboards

bigov City Management Dashboards

Scorecard for internal use by municipal officials for driving a more efficient government

It is our core solution, and we have different analytical modules to monitor and analyze the performance from different government agencies and departments: Case Management, Population, Economy & Finances, Customer service, Human Resources, Safety, Mobility and other else.

The vast majority of municipalities do not have automated systems that help decision making.

The manual labor required is a significant barrier to accessing information.

To solve this important challenge Bismart is commercializing bigov, the Government Specialized Business Intelligence Solution.

bigov Open Data

What if all the data that is in municipalities is turned into economic development?

bigov OpenData offers new business opportunities for companies in the city, making available open public data kept by public authorities and authorities.


bigov Transparency

Government Insight and Accountability. Clarity in government plan implementation, reusing information and becoming a more open and transparent government. bigov helps governments fight corruption by increasing transparency. Thanks to this portal citizens know at all times exactly:

  • WHAT the City Council is doing with public money
  • HOW it manages the budget
  • WHICH companies it is contracting
  • HOW MUCH elected officials earn

Smart Destination

Can you imagine arriving at your holiday destination, receiving a smart route proposal, totally aligned with your passions, tastes, budget and available time?

  • Big Data
  • Internet of things
  • Mobility

Can you imagine arriving at your holiday destination and receiving a smart route proposal, totally aligned with your passions, tastes, budget and available time?

With Smart Destination the visitors enjoy the best experience in the city and will come back. The municipalities shape their tourism offer and gather real feedback from the visitors and promote the local trade.

Bismart’s Big Data engine analyzes huge amounts of data generated around the cities. All of this in terms of entrance delays at monuments, scheduled events, gastronomic offers, hotel occupation, public transport, traffic status, weather conditions, comments in the social media, etc.

Smart Destination provides the best vacation of your life.

Bismart lanza la app smart destination
Tutorial Power BI Bismart Product

Power BI

Get the most out of your business. Work intelligently.

Power BI is the most complete suite of business analytics tools which converts complex amounts of data into rich visuals. With the help of Power BI you will be more knowledgeable about the intricate details of how your company is operating, helping you to get answers quicker and easier, and make better decisions.

Happiness Recognition & Tourist Recommendations

Tourist offer recommendations based on emotion, gender and age recognition

Bismart’s Artificial Intelligence prescribes tourist recommendations based on emotion recognition in real time.

Visitors have a funny experience with an Intelligent Photo Booth or through social media. The solution promotes points of interest and local trade.

Upload a selfie to Twitter with the hashtag #bismartER.

Bismart Emotion Recognition Software is scanning the Net looking for these pictures that you take and returns a set of emotions for each face. The intelligent machine provides you with the best tourist offer according to your emotional state.


Dwell Time & Queue Management

Understand waiting times and develop strategies for improving the quality of service. Facial images may be captured The system can now calculate how long it took the person to queue. The person can be tracked right through the center.

The system can determine how long a person spends in different parts of a mall or different parts of a store. The system does not need to recognize individuals. It simply enrolls them in a data-base when they are first seen and calculates how long they spend between two points.

Tourism Intelligent System

Big Data solution to improve the management and promotion of tourist destinations to be more competitive, through capturing and analyzing real time information related to tourist activity.

It correlates multiple sources of data coming from social media, booking portals, blogs, mobile operators and purchases made by credit cards. We disclose the level of satisfaction and opinion of visitors and residents, their time tables, where they come from, where they are going next, the real economic impact in the territory, where and what they spend their money on

Tourism Intelligent System
Smart Pricing

Smart Pricing

Dashboard for pricing hotel rooms and for determining the sales distribution through direct channel or different booking portals.

This prescriptive solution correlates isolated and heterogeneous data from Property Management Systems (PMS) with sales channel information: prices and occupancy, weather, scheduled city events, public holidays, etc.

Crowd Management Center

Crowd Management Center to manage Big City Events

The face detection solution aims at anticipating overcrowding and preventing incidents in city festivals, live concerts, sporting events and for pilgrims visiting holy places. It provides facial recognition, matching faces with a database, identifying individuals wanted by police.

Crowd Management Center
Public transportation fraud detection

Public Transportation Fraud Detection

Subway companies can detect fraud and predict hardware failures

We gather information from IoT (Internet of Things). The ticket barriers are a combination of hardware and software that let you enter the station to take the train. Imagine that, simultaneously, the same season ticket is being used in two different stations. It could be fraud! Now we discover the black market in season tickets!

Hardware Failure Prediction

Predictive data analytics maintenance eliminates downtime and reduces operating costs. The Big Data engine collects data during the normal operation of machine tools: temperature, vibration, acoustic, forces, deflections and similar inputs.

The Machine Learning algorithms analyze the trends of machines which did not fail and compares it with machines that failed, for predicting what’s next. The analytical model is enriched by including external data such as weather, bank holidays, city events or economic activity.

Hardware failure prediction

Real Time Next Generation Dashboards

Real time dashboard and Machine learning solution for fleet management, to plan, monitor and act.

IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning platform for improving the efficiency of their bus and train network and staff, to increase the information, availability and comfort for their customers, to reduce the carbon emission and fuel consumption and to reduce ticket prices as a result of improved efficiency.

Shopping Emotion Recognition

The future of shopping: When psychology and emotion meet analytics. The best part of the retail sector analysis is that it combines four fun areas: Business, technology, human behavior and psychology. Take a look at what may be coming to a store near you

Smart kiosk face recognition will gather real feedback in real time about the emotions that customers are experiencing as they look at each dress, skirt or pair of stiletto shoes

An intelligent mirror gathers feedback and recommends the best dress for you, according to your emotional state

Shopping emotion recognition
Deposit Coin British Cash Bank Stack Business 20795

Banking DNA

Banking DNA offers visually rich infographics that detail customers’ backgrounds. Instantly find out what type of customer they are, what style of banking they prefer, and which offers and services they would be most likely to respond to.

With the vast amount of different types of bank accounts and insurance policies in modern banking, banks often require a lot of investigation into potential clients to discover what type of customer they are. Banking DNA solves this problem.


Folksonomy is a next-generation tagging system that allows you to mine your data sets and gives you the information you’re looking for in an instant.

With massive archives of structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data, our folksonomy system applies intelligent tags to your data so you can get immediate answers to any query.

fotolia 122786926 s
Hololens Augmented Reality with Data Analytics

Hololens Augmented Reality with Data Analytics

Data Analytics integration with Hololens lets you see contextual information while viewing the real world. The superimposed data could be KPI and predictive or prescriptive analytics, through windows pop-up or a 3D model. The applications are, face recognition, key equipment maintenance or inventory navigation.

Face recognition identifies a person, their age, gender and emotional state. It provides augmented reality for security forces to recognize wanted people. Hololens is essentially a headset with glasses that augments ‘holograms’ that users can see, hear, and interact with in real-time.

Smart Car Safety System

If the face recognition camera in the car detects the driver is sleepy, a warning alarm goes off. If you are not the car owner it blocks the start engine. It customizes seat and rear mirror positions for every recognized driver.

In a car park it captures the image of the vehicle’s number plate and the image of the driver. A match ensures that the person is the owner.

Smart car safety system

Enhance Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, & Profit

Machine learning solution that makes a model of the clients’ life cycle. It correlates corporate data with external data like competitor’s location, incomes, type of home, influence level, etc.

Strategic concepts: Customer segmentation, generic or profit oriented. Customer journey, spending capacity based on their earnings and the services they can consume

Government Insight and Accountability

Clarity in government planning that reuses information and becoming a more open and transparent government

To communicate the results of the government plan on the citizen and the territory. What are the citizen benefits of the government work?

Government Insight and Accountability

Citizen as a Sensor

Analyzing movement of citizens in order to efficiently organize the facilities, security and emergency systems

  • Location – georeference
  • Routes around the city
  • Accelerometer and Gyroscope
  • Electromagnetic field
  • Using your mobile

Municipalities can deploy our solution, embedded in mobile apps, to capture mobile phone sensor data. We gather all this information directly from the devices.

Identify Potential Customers

The strategic segmentation of customers let us link the target profile with the lead generation by data management services.

This machine learning solution integrates with classic management models based on lead acquisition or acquisition campaigns (email, mailing, call center, etc.)

It also integrates with Display Advertising services to amplify audiences and generate leads.

Identify potential customers

Map the Best Store Locations

The store is the direct point of contact with the customer, so it is a critical factor within the strategy.

Correlating these different sources of data, with artificial intelligence algorithms, we can analyze different strategic views: cannibalizing between stores, holes in the market, sales potential, micromarketing focused on the store, expansion planning, etc.

Consumer 360

Consumer 360 provides a consumer holistic vision to profile and segment your target.

We enrich these analytics with complex psychographic algorithms. We analyze every single trace of the customer’s digital activity. While they browse through the Internet, buying goods, writing reviews or following people, they learn about their profile in an anonymous way.

Consumer 360 Bismart Business Intelligence Services

Targeted Live Ads

Artificial Intelligence is no longer in the future; it is here to stay. The BOT is a software that interacts with you as if it were human

Targeted Live Ads is a software by Bismart that can recognize the customers’ emotions, as well as their faces, gestures and age. It can recognize happiness, surprise, contempt, neutrality, anger, disgust, fear and sadness. From that data it can show an advertisement which goes with the customer’s feelings to start or improve the emotional connection between the company and the costumer.

Illegal Tourist Apartment Rental Detection

Aggregate information from multiple sources to identify and locate illegally listed apartment rentals. Identify and locate illegal listings quickly and easily.

Illegal tourist apartment rentals are a major issue in many popular European cities. Short-term rentals to tourists push up rent prices and push out local residents.