Banking DNA offers you visually rich infographics on the background of customers, so you can instantly know what type of customer they are, what style of banking they prefer, and which offers and services they would be most likely to respond to.

With the vast amount of different types of bank accounts and insurance policies that modern banking entails, it can often necessitate a lot of investigation of potential clients to discover what type of customer they are. Banking DNA solves this problem.

As well as this, you can build Banking DNA for your own employees and get a better understanding of which areas of the industry they work best in and which areas aren’t their strongest suits. This then allows you to very easily pair the right bank manager to the right client, ensuring your customers get the best service they deserve.

Our Big Data algorithms create a Banking DNA molecule of the client, linking together the most closely related aspects of their banking preferences and displaying the most important ones largest.

Key Performance Indicators: Real-time next generation dashboards to show the Key Performance Indicators of your banking operations: How many clients are signing up, new contracts, transactions made, etc.

Customer Operations: 

  • Multichannel analysis of customer operations for marketing actions
  • More and better information for financial managers
  • Customer churn analysis

Availability Services: Real-time, independent analysis of the technology of the different services critical for banking operations

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