power bi tutorial product bismart Power BI - solutionsDoctor Arthur Conan Doyle said that “it is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data and he wasn’t wrong, data is one of the most important facts, in order to take better and more effective decisions.

Only a few companies use analytic insights to change the way they operate or to improve their products and services. However, how much is data worth? And what path should you take to make the best of it? Surely, in the 21st century, there are many ways to analyse big data and to understand it, however the most efficient product in the BI market is Power BI from Microsoft.

The effectiveness of Power BI is already being spread around the world and the most profitable companies already use it in their businesses or even use a Power BI tutorial to demonstrate the variation of data. Moreover, Gartner and Forrester, the largest technology analysts in the world, consider that this Microsoft tool is, not only useful, but the best in the BI business.

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Take a look at our tutorials. In the first, you will have the opportunity to select different towns in Catalonia, in order to see how their data on tourism vary and, consequently, the dashboards, depending on the sex, age, country or purpose of the trip. If you select Blanes, Lloret de Mar or Tossa in this Power BI tutorial, you will have the opportunity to bring to life the tourism data of each of these localities.

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Bigov BCI

The following two Power BI are part of a city dashboard that provides key information on various aspects of a municipality’s operation: it delivers KPIs directly to your desktop. This scorecard provides 120 indicators, proposed by the World Bank, the ITA (Index of Transparency of Municipalities) and the city council itself, that allow to see the performance of the city and its attractiveness to live and develop business.

The municipality enters the data. The indicators are grouped into categories and the application shows a description for each indicator, the source of the information and, finally, the values of the indicator for each year.  The information is shown in Business Intelligence format and in green if the municipality has achieved the objective and in red if not. This methodology, developed in collaboration with the City Protocol Society (CPS) and provided by Bismart City Dashboard, aims to help local governments design better policies to improve the lives of citizens and the business environment.

Traffic Fatalitites Prevention

Traffic Fatalities Prevention is a powerful tool that analyzes, predicts and prevents traffic accidents. Through Big Data and machine learning, this tool takes into account multiple factors to provide prescriptive recommendations to minimize both the number of accidents and their severity. These recommendations help local governments and administrations better decide how to allocate resources.

This Big Data solution predicts the number of traffic accidents at a given point in time. With this tool, local governments and administrations can better plan where to allocate resources. Bismart uses a variety of data sources, including records of accidents, roadworks and weather conditions to provide a very accurate model that predicts when and where accidents are likely to occur. Traffic Fatalities Prevention then recommends actions to reduce the number and impact of these accidents, thereby minimizing the amount of resources required.