Bus network analytics to identify elements to improve in the road infrastructure.

This predictive solution aims to get more passengers using public transport while also reducing traffic congestion. This will in turn improve citizen services with the same resources that already exists and also reduce the time needed to cross the city.

This solution will reduce the waiting time at bus stops with the same amount of buses, so to the passenger it appears as though there are more buses in operation.

Bismart’s predictive algorithms help to optimize efficiency, improving main elements such as traffic lights phases, green waves, bus stop locations, accessibility platforms, bus lane widths, right of way priorities, etc.

Barcelona carrers

Example of a predictive analytics solution from Bismart using Big Data. Predictive Maintenance of a Cogeneration Power Plant.

Use Big Data analytics to predict the future.

Maximize your potential by taking out maintenance measures in a preventive manner rather than a corrective manner.

By fixing problems before they happen you can reduce costs and waste while ensuring maximum output at all times.