Spanish City Council

City Festivals Big Data Analytics

“We try to understand where and when citizens will need to use the metro and buses and where it is necessary to add parking spaces by analyzing big data with MS Azure HD Insight.

Director of Base Information and Cartography



More than 2 million people move around the city during the patron saint’s festivities. The aim is to turn the chaos of data generated during these few days into a source of information that optimizes the service to the citizen.


Manage the great variety of data coming from social networks, mobility, incident detection, credit card transactions, visits to websites, direct queries from citizens, traffic, weather… through:

  • MS Azure HDInsight Services.
  • SQL Server.
  • Power BI.
  • Bismart bigov.
  • BCN Open Data.


  • More efficient service.
  • Responses to citizen feedback on social networks.
  • Optimization of the availability of public service vehicles.
  • Rapid reaction to emergencies.
Over 2M citizens

Over 2M citizens

Over 8 external data sources

Over 8 external data sources

Real-time KPI update

Real-time KPI update

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