Municipal Services MDM

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  • Organize and unify data relating to customers and transactions, which come from the different entities managed, to incorporate them into a corporate CRM tool.
  • Address all contacts obtained by the business areas in a coordinated manner


  • Acquisition of customer data from different origins.
  • Initial deduplication of data via ID and relevant fields.
  • Data quality process that applies data mining algorithms and shows possible duplicities and applies a % success rate to them.
  • Final user review to validate the elimination or not of proposed duplicates.
  • Additional BBDD of transactions (tickets, reservations, consumptions,…) that links with the client MDM to get their real history.


  • Cleaning of data from different sources.
  • Informed CRM with unified real data that avoids errors in the relationship with customers/contacts.
  • Real knowledge of a client’s activity and the possibility of taking advantage of synergies between the different areas of activity.