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Magic Mirror el espejo bot inteligente presentacion 89

RTVE Report On Bismart’s Magic Mirror

Spain’s national public broadcaster, Radio y Televisión Española, stopped by Bismart’s stand at the Mobile World Congress 2017 to gaze at the Big Data company’s brand new product – the Magic Mirror. Click to read more.

Magic Mirror Bismart

The Magic Mirror That Remembers Faces

Bismart will dazzle at the Mobile World Congress with a screen capable of knowing who is ahead, discover their emotions and customize the offer. Click to read more.


Bismart’s Magic Mirror On Divendres – Catalan Prime Time TV Show

During the Mobile World Congress 2017, Bismart brought the Magic Mirror on a road trip to the studios of TV3, one of Catalunya’s biggest television stations, to appear on one of their most popular programmes, Divendres. Click to read more.

bismart gana en la gala de iot solutions awards

Bismart’s Social Inclusion Solution Wins at the IoT World Congress

At the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress, taking place in Barcelona, Spanish tech company Bismart was awarded with Best Innovation and Technology Solution. The company was recognised for its social service Big Data project aimed at helping those at risk of social exclusion. Click to read more.

Albert y Marta Isern

Multipurpose Big Data 

A couple of years ago, when Albert Isern watched out the window while cradling his son at night, he saw a neighbor chasing his cat with a flashlight. At first he thought he was doing it to amuse himself, but when he saw that the situation was repeated he thought that his electricity had probably been cut offClick to read more.

La Vanguardia logo

“Artificial intelligence is a cocktail shaker in which we mix all the data”

On a Tuesday when the doors of the IoT Solutions World Congress open in Barcelona it is difficult to find a moment to talk to Albert Isern. CEO of Bismart, top world partner of Microsoft in the sphere of Big Data, he presents to this congress a new digital robot that aims to become the best personal shopper, providing recommendations even through the mirrors of changing rooms. Click to read more.

via empresa Bismart
Big Data analytics in "Divendres" from TV3

Big Data analytics in “Divendres” from TV3

The Microsoft partner of the year appeared on TV3’s magazine program, discussing their contributions to Big Data Analytics. Bismart has been dedicated to Business Intelligence and enterprise data analysis, since its founding in 2009. Bismart CEO Albert Isern appeared on the show to speak about the company’s latest Emotion Recognition photo machine. Click to read more.

TV3 Telenotícies migdia – 27/10/2016

TV3’s report on 27/10/2016 from the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, featuring Bismart’s Intelligent Shopper bot and an interview with Bismart CEO Albert Isern. Click to read more.

noticia bismart la vanguardia

Bismart’s Personal Shopper Bot

Bismart, a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, is working toward releasing a robot that acts as a personal shopper. The firm is working with a multinational retail company and a chain of aesthetic clinics in order to have the bot available to the public soon, as the company’s CEO, Albert Isern, explained yesterday. Click to read more.

La Vanguardia logo

Interview with BarçaTV

FC Barcelona’s Auditori 1899 was the venue for the Smart City Expo Pre-Day Event ahead of the Smart City Expo World Congress that until November 17 will be making Barcelona the smart city capital of the world. Dr Jordi Monés, FC Barcelona board member and commissioner for FCBUniversitas, Sports Innovation Hub, welcomed more than 400 guests to the event organised by Microsoft and Bismart that includes conferences of the City Protocol Society featuring leading experts from the sector. Click to read more.

barça tv logo
Una casa que cuida de sus inquilinos IOT

A House That Cares For Its Inhabitants – El Mundo 27/10/16

El Mundo’s report from the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress, where they introduced the concepts of connected homes to their readers. The article mentions some of the biggest companies in the world involved in the Congress, and some of the most innovative Catalan companies representing the region on the world stage. The article also highlights Bismart’s incredible achievements of winning the Best Innovation and Technology Solution at the Congress. Click to read more.

Bismart, one of the most important big data companies, in tv3

Bismart, one of the most prestigious Big Data companies

In this case, TV3 cared to mention what Big Data can do to avoid collapse and reduce the discomforts in Barcelona city, when citizens take public transport. Click to read more.

Data Integration tools at 8tv

Data Integration tools at the Catalan channel, 8TV 

During the Mobile World Congress, 8TV and Bismart had the opportunity of explaining its proposal during the event and about the impact of new technologies in the companies that participated in the congress. Meanwhile, Bismart, dedicated, among other things, to develop effective Data Integration tools, proposed an application capable of detecting feelings through a photograph. Click to read more.

future of things bismart

The Future Of Things

Solutions, not problems. Improvements in industry and service to the consumers is what is evident at the Internet of Things World Congress (IoT), held this week in Barcelona. Suitcases that tell us when they are lost, broken down cars that call the garage, professional coffee makers that control consumption and cleaning, or an intelligent robot that acts as a personal shopper from the Catalan company Bismart to provide an innovative shopping experience. Click to read more.

El Punt Avui Bismart
Bismarts business intelligence tools at the congress

Bismart’s Business Intelligence tools at the congress

El Punt Avui offers a tour through the companies that participated at the Mobile World Congress. Among them, Bismart’s Business Intelligence tools have been one of the most valued. In short, Bismart has developed a software capable of detecting mood and age in any person through a selfie. Click to read more.

El Punt Avui Bismart
La arquitectura del Data Warehouse de la empresa Bismart

The Data Warehouse architecture by Bismart 

The company Bismart, specialized in Big Data, presented its newest software at the Mobile World Congress, Emotion Face Recognition, based on Data Warehouse architecture. The tool is capable of scanning the user’s facial features, thanks to Business Intelligence algorithms. Click to read more. 

Big Data methods during the mobile world congress

Specialists in Big Data Methods during the Mobile World Congress 

The national media La Razón analyses Bismart’s presence during the Mobile World Congress. Bismart is one of the most dominant companies, if we are talking about Big Data methods. Click to read more.

Business Intelligence Systems in Singapore and San Francisco

Bismart’s Business Intelligence systems in Singapore and San Francisco

The Catalan newspaper Ara, transmitted to readers, Bismart’s latest developments. Specifically, this time, the main focus is Bismart’s unstoppable expansion around the world and through different countries. In this occasion, the company has decided to develop its Business Intelligence systems in Singapore and San Francisco. Click to read more.

Machine Learning en accio segons el diari Ara

Bismart, responsible of putting machine learning in action 

The eleventh edition of the Mobile World Congress was a success. From Monday to Thursday almost 101,000 visitors approached the exhibition in the Gran Via centre. Bismart, responsible of putting Machine Learning in action, appears in this article as a witness of the resounding success of this business intelligence technology edition. Click to read more.

The growth of the Big Data developer, Bismart

Bismart, the Big Data developer, increases its revenue and its number of employees 

Bismart, the Big Data developer, has been proclaimed, by the newspaper ABC, a specialist in smart technology. Its growth has been unstoppable, the company wants to grow in human resources and in economic benefit, reaching more than 80 employees and a financial benefit of 4 million eurosClick to read more.

Data Warehouse Business Intelligence presentado ante el ministro Soria

Data Warehouse Business Intelligence during the Mobile World Congress 

Bismart, checked more than two million euros in 2015, it has generated more than 40 jobs and plans to double its turnover in 2016. This success has much to do with their latest project presented at the Mobile World Congress, Happiness Recognition, the latest Data Warehouse Business Intelligence technology. Click to read more. 

Noticias de Machine Learning durante el Mobile World Congress

Machine Learning news and innovation during the Mobile World Congress

Social media users and the Mobile World Congress attendees valued the success of the event. If we refer to those technological companies that impressed the assistants, we can’t stop ourselves from mentioning Bismart, specialized in Big Data, offering its novelties and Machine Learning news. Click to read more.

Business Intelligence and Machine Learning at the congress

Business Intelligence at the Mobile World Congress

The newspaper “Diari de Terrassa” analyses and develops the future assessment of the event that will be held in the Catalan city, the Mobile World Congress. The regional newspaper discusses the importance of Business Intelligence companies, participating in the event, including Bismart that will be located in the space dedicated to the Catalan Government. Click to read more.

El Open Database y el Machine Learning de Bismart durante el Mobile World Congress

Bismart’s Open Database and Machine Learning

The technological company Bismart, led by Albert Isern and specialized in Big Data and Open Database, presented at the Mobile World Congress its newest software, Face and Emotion Recognition, a unique digital tool, based in the Microsoft cloudClick to read more.

Business Intelligence Analyst tools by Bismart

Bismart’s new Business Intelligence Analyst tool

The digital media Cibersur has been responsible of demonstrating to the world and to capture on screen, Business Intelligence Analyst ambitions and aspirations during the 21st century. Concretely, these data analysts that have been news today, come from the technological company Bismart, that presented at the Mobile World Congress. Click to read more.

Productos Business Intelligence durante el Mobile World Congress

Business Intelligence products: Emotion Recognition

The portal web Movilonia has valued different initiatives related to intelligent technology. The appearance of Bismart in the article has to do with the initiative launched by Amazon, which allows users to pay through facial recognitionClick to read more.


The Business Intelligence definition, through Bismart

The 21st century is an era in which machines surround us, while they turn into smart devices, capable of making decisions for themselves. The Mobile World Congress has created a technological environment. In this context, Bismart has decided to take a step furtherer and present its new project, based on Machine Learning: Face and Emotion Recognition. Click to read more.

CatEconomica talks about Bismart and its new Machine Learning software

Bismart develops a Machine Learning software

Cat.Económica values the participation of the company Bismart during the Mobile World Congress. Bismart presented its own intelligent photo booth, basically, a Machine Learning software, that can detected emotions, age and possible plans of interest, in those attendees that decided to approach the company’s stand. Click to read more.

Bismart leaves behind its past as a Big Data startup and grows significantly

Bismart leaves behind its past as a Big Data Startup

The digital media La Semana, decided to analyse and advertise the technological event of the year: The Mobile World Congress, in which many companies, during the congress, decided to offer their technological and innovative tools. Click to read more.

A business intelligence presentation through Bismart 2

A Business Intelligence presentation through Bismart

MuyPymes reflects and values Bismart participation in the Mobile World Congress. Bismart, during the Congress, developed a Business Intelligence presentation, based in a tool able to detect the mood of any subject, through a photograph. Click to read more.

Bismart, one of the best Data Integration Companies, develops a new App

Bismart, one of the best Data Integration Companies, develops a new App

Bismart Face Recognition is a mobile app capable of scanning a selfie and determining the user’s mood. Basically, according to Bismart, internationally recognized as one of the Data Integration Companies, the tool has its foundation in tourism. Click to read more.

An app that reflects Bismarts Big Data Revolution

Bismart’s Big Data Revolution during the MWC 

Bismart Face and Emotion Recognition is an application able to scan any face and, taking in account other parameters such as sex or age, offers the leisure plans that best suit the user, according to his needs. Click to read more.