Healthcare information exploitation system

Healthcare Indicators Control Panel for the optimization of clinical management.



  • Optimization of clinical management through the use of data.
  • Real-time decision making.
  • Improved quality of recorded data.
  • Unification and consolidation of the different data sources.


Data warehouse and dashboards Indicators:

  • Patient management (hospitalization, emergencies, outpatient consultations, delivery room, operating rooms, day hospital, diagnostic and therapeutic techniques).
  • Radiology, laboratories, pharmacy, pathological anatomy.

Sources HCIS, emergencies, RIS, RULEQ, SICYT, CMBD, Ómnium, ARIA…


  • Welfare dashboard.
  • Predictive of the need for hospital beds.
  • Waiting list reduction | surgical waiting list management.
  • Knowledge of hospital supply and demand.
  • Activity trend analysis.
  • Integration of multiple sources into a single data warehouse.
  • Obtaining key indicators for decision making in clinical management.
Over 48 services

Over 48 services

Over 6,600 professionals

Over 6,600 professionals

1,300 beds

1,300 beds

500 indicators

500 indicators

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