Municipal Services

Master Data Management

Company of the City Council that manages the public network of parking, paid parking area and tow truck, bus stops, civic agents and equipment such as zoos and parks.



  • Organize and unify data relating to customers and transactions, which come from the different entities managed, to incorporate them into a corporate CRM tool.
  • Address all contacts obtained by the business areas in a coordinated manner


  • Acquisition of customer data from different origins.
  • Initial deduplication of data via ID and relevant fields.
  • Data quality process that applies data mining algorithms and shows possible duplicities and applies a % success rate to them.
  • Final user review to validate the elimination or not of proposed duplicates.
  • Additional BBDD of transactions (tickets, reservations, consumptions,…) that links with the client MDM to get their real history.


  • Cleaning of data from different sources.
  • Informed CRM with unified real data that avoids errors in the relationship with customers/contacts.
  • Real knowledge of a client’s activity and the possibility of taking advantage of synergies between the different areas of activity.
More than 7 different business areas

More than 7 different business areas

Single data

Single data

More than 50,000 duplicates eliminated

More than 50,000 duplicates eliminated

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