Public consulting and engineering company

Public consulting and engineering company of reference in the field of Defense and Security of the AGE. Implementation of a multidimensional data warehouse and visualization with an intelligence system.

Imagen caso de éxito de una empresa pública de consultoría e ingeniería. Se muestra un satélite en órbita con la tierra de fondo.


Starting from different data sources, obtain a centralized system of scalable information to be analyzed with a business intelligence system.

This information infrastructure must be automated to generate an agile and reliable workflow, offering autonomy to users.


  • ETL data extraction to Staging from Oracle Database and Excel files
  • Consolidation in the operational data warehouse
  • Implementation of the DataWarehouse and creation of Tabular analytical model based on SSAS
  • Model with 6 Datamarts
  • 3 Dashboards in Power BI and 18 Reporting Services reports connected by Gateway


Centralized, standardized and 100% updated information.

Better tools for managing the portfolio and exploitation of information:

  • Tracking help.
  • Economic monitoring.
  • Economic activity Company.
  • Economic concession.
  • Company staff.
142.721 thousands of euros in turnover

142.721 thousands of euros in turnover

6 datamarts

6 datamarts

>1,500 professionals

>1,500 professionals

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