Bismart’s Artificial Intelligence brings publicity screens to life in shopping centres.

Artificial Intelligence is no longer in the future; it is here to stay. The BOT is a software that interacts with you as if it were human

Targeted Live Ads is a software by Bismart that can recognize the customers’ emotions, as well as their faces, gestures and age. It can recognize happiness, surprise, contempt, neutrality, anger, disgust, fear and sadness. From that data it can show an advertisement which goes with the customer’s feelings to start or improve the emotional connection between the company and the costumer.

Also, Targeted Live Ads can join the costumer in their way through the streets, a shopping centre, a shop, a congress… The possibilities are endless. Our software will analyze their feelings to keep a constant connexion with the costumer.

The information collected by the sensors will allow for a greater precision in campaign effectivity analysis and product and line reception. With this information, we are able to more efficiently segment groups of population in order to approach campaigns according to the data and intelligence that we have.


Our goal is to make our clients’ and citizens’ lives better and improve our society