Last Thursday, December 19th, the entire Bismart team gathered at Poble Espanyol in Barcelona to celebrate the festivities and the company’s tenth anniversary. Once there, a full evening of speeches and a surprise activity awaited us.

Soon, the surprise was revealed: the whole team became MasterChef participants and were in charge of cooking the dinner we would enjoy later! We all had a laugh cooking and imagining we were part of the MasterChef programme. Activities like this allow us to build our team connections in a more relaxed and different enviroment and have fun together outside work.

Once the meals were done, we all sat down together to eat some delicious dishes accompanied by a comical presentation. At the end of the evening, the jury chose the winning team based on the quality of the dish prepared and the originality of their presentation. It was a really fun experience and we all took the competition very seriously and let our imagination and creativity flow through the food, the flavours and the visuals.

The evening was a good opportunity to celebrate our tenth anniversary as well, and it was the perfect moment to catch up with our colleagues from the Madrid office, who we don’t see very soon but work tight with them as a part of the team. The next morning, we had the opportunity to have them in our Barcelona office. We all participated in training activities, workshops and some other similar activities. The whole experience was a blast and we enjoyed each others companies. In Bismart, we know team work is a key aspect of any company’s success and we always try to promote team building activities like this to strenghten our connections.

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