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Bismart is a consulting firm that offers technology-based business solutions specialising in data management and data analytics. Bismart is a Power BI Partner and a Microsoft Solution Partner in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Bismart is also one of the few companies in the world with the Advanced Analytics on Microsoft Azure specialisation. Leaders in data processing since 2009.



Certificacion Microsoft 2013 Business Intelligence
Certificacion Microsoft 2015 Business Intelligence
Certificacion Microsoft 2016 Data Analytics Award
Certificacion Microsoft Data & AI - Azure - Specialist Analytics

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to make informed decisions and govern effectively through the intelligent use of data.

We aspire to establish ourselves as global leaders at the nexus of data management, analytics, and data-driven decision-making.

We strive for excellence in all the areas involved:

  • People: We put people at the center of everything,  fostering their growth and guiding the development of their talents. We empower them with autonomy, freedom, responsibility, and a steadfast commitment to diversity.
  • Passion: We pour our hearts into our projects, consistently blending creativity, professionalism, and exacting standards.
  • Commitment: We are proactive and unwaveringly dedicated to our clients, ensuring their complete satisfaction.
  • Adaptability: We remain flexible to accommodate the unique needs of each situation and individual. We actively listen, understand, and address the challenges faced by our clients.
  • Innovation: We promote the creation of new solutions that address the evolving challenges and needs of organizations.
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Bismart was born in 2009. It was founded as a startup and won the Barcelona Ciutat Emprenedora award, Best Business Plan 2009.  Recognized by Microsoft as the world's best partner in Business Intelligence in 2013.

Bismart was the end result of hope, innovation and determination to help others take full advantage of their data. These core values are the very essence of our services, inspiring us to learn and grow every single day. They remain the guiding light of our company, shaping our present and future endeavors.

"At Bismart we combine passion, enthusiasm, effort and talent to face new challenges without setting any limits. Do you dare to try it?"
Jaume Santacana, CEO & Partner

From data to people

We are a team of data scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, business engineers
and consultants passionate about data and experts in data analytics.​

We have extensive and recognized experience in the processing, analysis and interpretation of data.

Our mission is to guide your organization on the path toward becoming a data-driven enterprise.

Meet the team!

Pau Maymó
Senior BI KAM

Proactivity and pragmatism are two of the characteristics that most define me, both personally and professionally. At work I enjoy traveling through data analysis and communication, with the intention of showing the simplicity and resolute development of the projects in which I participate.

Data obsession: Business Intelligence has to be simple. We should prioritize solving business problems before focusing on the technical aspect of things. The best projects come from the ability to simplify the complex to maximize performance.

Pau Maymó
Dani Pont
Project manager & BI Senior Consultant

I am passionate about data and its ability to change and transform the world. Great chess lover. Project management is my professional lodestar.

Data obsession: New information allows new ideas, new ideas can change the world

Dani Pont
Vladimir Fernández
Project Manager & Senior BI Consultant

I like challenges and achieving the goal by working as a team. I define myself as a tenacious person, with a lot of creativity and a great sense of responsibility. In projects it is good that the customer feels the product obtained as his own, tailored to their needs. This guarantees the success of the project and that the client sees the supplier as a tool of his own for future projects. I like working side by side with the people who are part of my teams and I am pleased to see them grow professionally. On a daily basis I manage business intelligence projects, acting as Project Manager and Consultant.

Data obsession: Making the client completely satisfied means involving him in the developments made. Listening and working together with the client ensures much of the success of the project.

Vladimir Fernández
Gerard Bas
Project Manager & Senior BI Consultant

I'm passionate about technology, especially data. I am a person committed to the project and to the team and willing to provide the customer with the best solution, satisfied to see how Bismart grows every day thanks to the dedication of the people who are part of it. I am also passionate about the "analogue" world: good food, a walk in the countryside, popcorn with my children, an after-dinner with friends and anything that makes me happy with my people.

Data obsession: I love to discover how a lot of data can provide such valuable information for a corporation.

Gerard Blas
Miquel Abarca
Project Manager

I enjoy the technology and especially the results we achieve by applying it, which a few years ago I couldn't even imagine. I love teamwork and the strength that a group gets and that separately would not be possible.

Data obsession: The search for reality begins by analyzing the data you have.

Miquel Abarca
Ismael Vallvé
CMO & Innovation Director

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them, so go out and start creating. I am passionate about the technology used to bring people together, so that we waste less time doing trivial things and have more time to get together for a beer with friends. As another of my passions is cooking, I enjoy twice as much when technological advances come out in both directions. Social networks for gourmets, Twitter and technological gadgets occupy my life on a daily basis.

Data obsession: Stop over analysing, life is simple. I love to see how every day it's easier to make decisions based on data and not assumptions.

Ismael Vallvé
Elisabeth Priego
HR & Recruitment Manager

I like to meet people, discover their interests, their motivations and concerns, what makes them different and who they are. My work allows me to grow daily thanks to constant contact with great professionals and, most importantly, great people. The best part? Once upon a time... and why? Because I'm passionate about stories and the protagonists who tell them.

Data obsession: From data to people.

Elisabeth Priego
Aser Murias
CTO & Partner

Our objective is to collaborate in the transformation of organizations towards a "Data driven" culture through technological solutions of data analytics focused on business solutions.

Aser Murias
Jaume Santacana
CEO & Partner

I'm passionate about working with data, exploring in them in order to find the value they hide and that their analysis and interpretation allows us to give answers each time more complex and complete.

Consciously and unconsciously, we have become great producers, collectors and consumers of data, generated by human behaviour in our social or professional environment or by connected devices, such as wearables or sensors linked to Internet of Things initiatives.

The influence of data on our lives, businesses and governing bodies is undeniable and grows unstoppably. At Bismart we are committed to accompanying those organisations that are oriented towards Data Driven Decision competing with technology as our great ally.

Jauma Santacana
Joan Bosch
COO & Partner

I define myself as a relentless entrepreneur with a vocation for management and a lot of learning to acquire. I enjoy moving forward thanks to the hope, passion and determination in the things that I do. I like to share my projects and concerns and enrich them with people from whom I learn. I like challenges and to overcome adversities, to grow as a person and as a professional. I love to see a project grow and to see people growing and joining it. Proud and excited to continue growing in this new stage of Bismart!

Data obsession: A place for each data, each data in its place. Having all the data in one place makes your life easier.

Joan bosch
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Silueta bismart
Victor Rocabert

Since my professional beginnings as a junior programmer, more than 25 years ago, I have always worked to offer solutions. Solutions that solve the problems and cover the needs of the organizations so that they can improve their processes and results. Today it is still my leitmotiv and I am sure that it will remain intact for many years to come.

Data obsession: Data-based decisions make the difference for organizations and people.

Victor Rocabert
Anna Farrés
Presales Manager

I have always liked to look for solutions to problems, to know how to select what is valuable among the multitude of irrelevant data that bombard us and to be able to apply it in projects that allow a positive use to the technology. I love working in an environment where I can apply all these core ideas for the benefit of the client, Bismart and myself, learning and evolving day by day.

Data obsession: Data is the tool, not the end. Knowing how to extract its value and how to communicate it is what will really help us.

Anna Farres
Enric Martí
New Business & International Development

Passionate about new challenges and ideas to transform them into realities, share objectives, seek the most appropriate strategy and work as a team to achieve them with the constant search for continuous improvement. A tireless traveller, I am lucky enough to have met people from all over the world who have enriched me, from whom I have learned a lot and who have given me a very broad vision of our society and its complexities.

Data obsession: If it can be easy, let's not complicate it.

Enric Martí
Andrea Ponce
Area Project Manager

I have always been motivated by new challenges and understanding the reason behind things. Project management has allowed me to take my curiosity to another level. In my day-to-day work, teamwork is not only key, but it also allows me to learn and grow professionally, as well as to delve into the why before thinking about the how. My goal is to provide better solutions to clients' needs.

Data obsession: From data to decisions, through people

Alejandro Marcano
Power BI Consultant

Passionate about the stories hidden in data and how they show us the right path once we start paying attention to them. I am fortunate enough to be able to help clients improve processes that drive their business and to learn and grow alongside a team full of data rockstars. To recharge, I enjoy any plan that allows me to spend time with my family or friends.

Data obsession: To create and promote a data culture that guarantees reliable processes and allows us to make objective decisions.

Yovany Silva
Senior BI Consultant

With a positive attitude, always looking for opportunities and new challenges to grow and enjoy the challenge. One thing I firmly believe in is that all our achievements are the result of perseverance and contribution in the professional and personal spheres. I’m excited with each project and challenge that I am presented with, with the main objective of responding to the needs of our customers to develop innovative solutions they require, increasing their efficiency and maximizing their profits.

Data obsession: Applying business intelligence to data is the most fertile ground for our knowledge and benefit.

Ramon Graus
Business Productivity Senior Consultant

Since Bismart's creation, I have been at the forefront, always lending my hand to the task. My goal? to know that I contributed to the company's growth. I knew that joining was a sure bet and I would refer to the tests: Bismart is a great company and I am proud to have experienced the growth of the company in the first person and I am even more proud to see all that is to come.

Data obsession: We grow with data.

Ramón Graus

Our team of data experts contributes to bringing us closer to our goal: becoming a global reference. Are you passionate about data and want to be part of a group of experts?

Whether you're a Business Intelligence, Data Scientist, Big Data, .Net, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Technical Lead, or have just finished your studies and want to embark on a new business project, work with the latest technologies, expand your business experience, and technical expertise, Bismart is looking for you.

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"I like challenges and to overcome adversities, to grow as a person and as a professional. I love to see a project grow and to see people growing and joining it."
Joan Bosch, COO & Partner

Our Offices

Our offices are located in the areas with the highest concentration of technological talent in each city. In Barcelona we are in the 22@ district and in Madrid in Cuzco. Both areas are easy to  access and are well connected.

Each space is designed to create open environments that lend themselves to creation, collaboration and teamwork.

Committed to quality

At Bismart we strive to achieve the highest quality standards in all our processes in order to offer the best service to our customers.


"The world of data is our passion. New tools and platforms with processing capabilities unthinkable a short time ago allow us to design more advanced business systems."
Aser Murias, CTO & Partner

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