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Power BI Viewer

Do you need to control and manage your organization’s Power BI reports, dashboards, and data? Do you want to apply data governance measures without harming the autonomy of Power BI users?


Power BI Viewer is the ideal solution for companies that need to share their Power BI reports with internal and external users in a secure way.


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Power BI Analytics

Do you need to control and manage user activity in Power BI? Do you want to be able to see which users access which reports and assign specific levels of autonomy for each user?


Power BI Analytics is a simple, flexible and secure mechanism with which you will be able to view and examine the activity of all the users of your company in Power BI Service.


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Power BI Data Catalog

Would you like to minimize the efforts and time you spend documenting and keeping key information from your datasets up-to-date? Do you know how to promote the correct use of your datasets and strategic information?


Power BI Data Catalog self-documents Power BI datasets and supplements them with functional and business descriptions, promoting their correct use and empowering business users to create their own reports without technical help.


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Hotel Management Dashboards

Would you like to have a single place to consult your indicators and other key results for the management of all your hotels and the different areas functional?


Bismart Hotel Management Dashboard is a dashboard environment for monitoring and analysing the key results of the different functional areas of the hotel sector.


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Indicators & Dimensions Definition Tool

Is there unanimity, in your company, in the correct understanding of the indicators? Do you have an environment where you can easily consult their characteristics?


Bismart Indicators & Dimensions Definition Tool is a complete solution for the management and publication of the data that define the indicators, dimensions and the relationships between them.


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Text Analytics

Do you want a solution that allows you to analyze the key content of all your documents?


Bismart Folksonomy Text Analytics analyzes natural language text documents and reveals internal content to locate underlying information in the unstructured documents.


By not requiring a master entity, Bismart Folksonomy Text Analytics represents significant time savings when analyzing, classifying, searching or extracting key words or phrases in various documents.


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ABC Client Analysis

Do you have a portfolio of high-risk clients? Are you dedicating your efforts to the right customers? Does your portfolio have growth potential? Who are your target customers?


Bismart ABC Client Analysis is a dashboard environment for the segmentation and analysis of the client portfolio based on contribution to turnover and profitability.


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Customer Journey

Do you know how to measure and improve your customer’s experience? Do you know their pain points and know how to solve them?


Customers who have had a good experience with a brand increase their spending with it (+50%), recommend the brand more and better (+60%) and reduce their abandonment rate (-10%). The Customer Journey allows the analysis of the customer experience in relation to our brand through the different channels, allowing the identification of key points of improvement and differentiation.


At Bismart we have created a model based on Customer Journey that analyzes data from the purchase funnel by stages, customer satisfaction levels, pain points and other key metrics for customer management and improvement of their experience.


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ResiCare BI

Do you have an environment where you can consult all the health indicators for a better management of residents’ health?


Do you need to know what is happening in your nursing home at all times?


Get a 360º view of the health of your residents and offer them a better service.


7Experts Smart Procurement

Can you measure the improvements of your optimization projects?


What impact does a change of supplier have on the result of my company?


How does changing the logistics model impact profit?


7Experts Smart Procurement is the perfect ally to identify points for improvement, calculate the optimal scenario and measure the results obtained.



Data Quality Framework

A solution designed to support the quality of an organization’s data. The tool validates, documents and performs profilings on the data, ensuring an optimal level of quality.


Bismart Data Quality Framework centralizes all data quality processes in a single user-friendly environment accessible at all levels within an organization. In addition, it is fully compatible with data integration frameworks.


Customer Segmentation

Know and explore the segments that make up your customer portfolio, what interests them, what gives them value and what actions to take to improve your commercial and marketing actions.


Customer Segmentation is a solution for those companies that want to know in depth the profile of their clients through simple and parameterized tools with a clear orientation to obtain results.


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