Are you passionate about data and want to be part of a team of experts?

We're on the lookout for individuals who are not just passionate and dedicated but also independent, creative, and full of innovative ideas.

Your talent is what truly sets you apart.

t. Whether you bring years of experience or are just starting out, your professional development is our top priority.


Are you someone who loves tackling challenges head-on? Well, now's your chance to take on a new adventure with us at Bismart. Whether you're fresh out of university or about to graduate, whether you're seeking an internship or your first job, we want you to be a part of our team.


Imagine being part of a team that's been recognized three times as Microsoft's Best Worldwide Partner in big data and business intelligence.


Let us help you not just build your career but also achieve your personal goals. Come join us and let's create something amazing together!


Bismart is looking for you!​


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We will design with you an individual career plan adapted to your needs and possibilities.​

We'll invest in your training, dedicating around 90 hours to help you level up. The certifications you earn will open doors for you to grow within Bismart.

This learning will not only be about technology, but also about soft skills and business, with the goal of further developing yourself as a versatile and highly skilled professional.


Plan de carrera personalizado
Formación interna contínua icon
Certificación Microsoft
Conocimiento compartido en proyectos
Diversidad sectorial y de proyectos
Team buildings y momentos lúdicos
Personalized career plan
Internal continuos training
Microsoft Certifications
Shared knowledge in projects
Customer and sector diversity
Team-building and leisure activities
Flexibilidad horaria
Jornada intensiva
Trabajo remoto
Plan de retribución flexible
Inmejorable clima laboral
Beneficios adicionales
Time flexibility
8 am - 3 pm on Fridays
Possibility to work remotely
Flexible remuneration plan
Great working environment
Additional benefits

Life at Bismart

Welcome to life at Bismart, here begins the new chapter in your professional journey. Are you ready to take the first step towards your next professional challenge?