Bismart's Quality Policy

At BISMART we believe that Quality consists of knowing our clients and their expectations and trying to reach and even exceed them, helping them to define their IT strategy and implementing reliable technological solutions.

Our customers are the basis of the existence and continuity of BISMART.


We offer the best technological solutions hand in hand with the best technologies on the market, such as Microsoft technology.


Consistent with the responsibility assumed, BISMART‘s Management undertakes to provide the necessary resources to comply with this Policy and the applicable requirements, whether legal, internal to the organization or to clients and other interested parties.


We establish Quality Objectives in accordance with the company’s strategy and in accordance with our commitment to continuous improvement and we monitor their degree of compliance.


The general objectives in this reference framework are aimed at:

  • Increase the satisfaction of our clients, establishing our plans, strategies and objectives according to their needs.
  • Promote a positive environment for development, participation, training and awareness with employees.
  • Optimize the internal organization and the effectiveness and efficiency of our work methods.
  • Open lines of collaboration with as many other entities that may be of interest.
  • Improve the quality of our products and services.

And for this, the BISMART Management periodically reviews the Quality Management system, to ensure its suitability, suitability and effectiveness.


August 24th, 2022