Business approach driven by data


We have more than a decade of experience delivering IT solutions for data analytics and data management.


We ensure data quality, process efficiency and the simplicity and clarity of the user interface, always based on a correct understanding our customers’ goals and needs.

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We help organizations get the most out of their data by developing business solutions from a strategic and tactical point of view.


Our technology-based methodology helps companies compete in the digital age.

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Power BI

At Bismart we are experts at implementing solutions with the most successful Business Intelligence tool: Microsoft Power BI. We are one of its few Gold Partners in Business Intelligence since 2009.


With Power BI solutions we can:


  • Transform data into stunning visual objects and share them on any device.
  • Visually explore and analyze data, locally and in the cloud, all in one view.
  • Collaborate and share in custom dashboards and interactive reports.
  • Distribute them with an integrated governance and security system.


Technological Solutions

We offer solutions in three key areas:


Integration: Adequate data integration between systems is key in processes such as the consolidation of subsidiary data, the loading of data into a data warehouse and communication between management systems so that business flows are not interrupted.


Management and storage: We do not only implement solutions for data storage and/or analysis. We ensure the quality of the information and that it is easily accessible and understood by users.


Analysis: We cover all aspects of advanced analytics (descriptive, predictive and prescriptive) taking special consideration of the user interface and its design and usability.

Bismart Interoperability


Interoperability, or data exchange between systems, helps companies in their processes of data consolidation, data loading to the data warehouse and data exchanges between business applications.

Bismart Data Quality

Data Quality

Data quality projects ensure the reliability of data, its integrity, accuracy, and consistency, preventing duplication and incomplete data. Correct data helps us make the right decisions.

Bismart Data Management

Data Management

Data management ensures proper management and use of one of the main assets of companies: data. It ensures that sales data, customer data, supplier data, item data, etc., are accurate, consistent, and up-to-date.

Bismart Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse environments enable organizations to obtain their key indicators and other outcomes from data dispersed across different systems, and then exploit them using business intelligence solutions.

Bismart Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence solutions help organizations to query and analyze their key indicators and other outcomes in a simple and agile manner. At Bismart, we pay special attention to the design and usability of our solutions.

Bismart Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI enables the extraction of value from advanced data analysis using statistical techniques and machine learning. AI estimates outcomes, identifies behavioral patterns, classifies, segments, predicts results, and recommends actions.

Bismart Big Data

Big Data

Big data offers the possibility of making decisions from data sources which, due to their volume, variability, and velocity, were not possible until recently.

Bismart Power BI

Power BI

At Bismart, we are experts in implementing solutions with the most successful business intelligence tool, Microsoft's Power BI. We have been one of its few Gold Partners in business intelligence since 2009.

Business Solutions

Our work model is oriented towards the identification of insights through a process aimed at generating business growth on a data intelligence foundation.

Tecnologia Bismart


  • Aligned with business objectives
  • From internal and external data
  • Multisource
  • Qualitative / Quantitative


  • Setting key KPIs
  • Empathy Map
  • Pains / Gains Analysis
  • "3i" Insight Model


  • Automated Dashboards
  • Opportunity Map
  • Strategies and Action Plans 


  • Methodology Definition
  • Setting / Monitoring of Metrics
  • Fine-tuning and Iterations
  • Training
Strategy and Customer Lifecycle

Strategy and Customer Lifecycle

We live in the era of consumers/buyers. Thoroughly understanding the strategy and lifecycle of customers leads to success for those organizations that best understand and integrate them into their processes.

Cross selling Up selling​

Cross selling / Up selling

In cross-selling and up-selling actions, we identify key insights from customer data that enhance our commercial tactics to increase profitability per customer.

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard

A Balanced Scorecard offers a comprehensive insight into a company's performance across all areas, proving indispensable for streamlining operations, pinpointing opportunities, and maximizing the overall performance.

 Sales Predictive Analysis

Sales Predictive Analysis

Sales predictive analysis, through the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, enables the generation of forecasts in our business and makes a difference in commercial and management strategies.

Customer experience and engagement​

Customer Engagement

Having valuable information that aids in customer loyalty and recommendation increases companies' profits in a comprehensive manner. The customer experience throughout the purchasing process definitively determines their decisions.

go to market Strategies

Go-to-market Strategies

The intelligent analysis of data in order to generate go-to-market strategies enables the acceleration of our omnichannel management and the delivery of value to the buyer in an increasingly changing needs environment.​

Customer Scoring

Customer Scoring

Customer scoring allows for segmentation and the establishment of our commercial priorities by aligning the customer strategy with the business strategy, based on the behaviors of current and potential customers.

Customer Experience​

Customer Experience

Having valuable information that aids in customer loyalty and recommendations increases the overall profits of companies. The customers' experience throughout the buying process definitively influences their decisions.

Other solutions BI analytics

Other Solutions

Take a look at all our solutions for data management, artificial intelligence, data integration, BI and more.

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