Consumer 360 provides a consumer holistic vision to profile and segment your target.

We analyze demographic, geographic and economic factors; age, gender, income levels, consumer and lifestyle habits. To respect privacy, we are working with statistical and aggregated data to discover patterns and we apply the results to matching profiles.

We enrich these analytics with complex psychographic algorithms. We analyze every single trace of the customer’s digital activity. While they browse through the Internet, buying goods, writing reviews or following people, they learn about their profile in an anonymous way.

Bismart’s predictive algorithms recommend the best solution, the one you really need.

This Big Data solution is focused on global retail firms, whether the customer management is centralized or decentralized, usually through local agencies and partners. It aims to consolidate the information of consumers of each brand and market. It generates a Big Data warehouse of consumer knowledge reflecting all interactions and relationships with the brand.

The Data Analytics provides a segmentation tool to enhance the performance and optimize the costs of marketing campaigns, omni-channel experience, to amplify audiences and generate leads. As a result of this intelligence we execute actions based on events, such as call center calls, sales visits or website banners. The cutting-edge technology to execute these actions is Cognitive Services and BOTs.

Consumer 360 Bismart Business Intelligence Services