eldcare Friendly Reminders is the newest solution at Bismart. It has been developed by Bismart and the NGO ABD.

Our eldcare Friendly Reminders home-care unit gives helpful reminders to those in need of assistance to look after themselves at times others may not be able to do so.

In 2050, 30% of the population will be over 65. This means that innovative solutions must be found in order to enable social and health services to deal with the problems posed by an ageing population. Technology offers many possibilities to meet the challenges of the demographic composition of the future, although we must bear in mind that the digital skills of older people are currently limited.

eldcare Friendly Reminders is the perfect solution to this problem. eldcare Friendly Reminders offers reminders and messages specifically programmed according to the cognitive level of the recipient. eldcare is a device that is installed in the home of the elderly person who lives alone and through which the social worker can communicate with them.

This device can reduce absenteeism from appointments with social and health services, increase adherence to medical treatment, and reduce accidents, such as fires or floods, and intrusions.

eldcare Friendly Reminders can also detect when lights are left on too long and alert the person at home.

eldcare Friendly Reminders can be adapted to the person’s cognitive abilities and digital level, so it is a system that will evolve as people with more technological capabilities grow older.

With this device, the elderly can be monitored and “teletreated”, which is a great economic relief for social and health services and families.

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