Intelligent City Bot

Imagine being able to arrive in a new city and instantly have an intelligent robot to guide you around with helpful information like directions and timetables for city services. The robot can also help the city’s residents with paperwork or administrative tasks.

Using artificial intelligence, the Intelligent City Bot becomes a city assistant that you can interact with using speech, text or image recognition. This robot has a digital interface that can carry out the functions of call centers, social media, and even the local city hall website.

Thanks to Big Data, the Bismart Intelligent City Bot can provide visitors and residents alike with information about city services, police stations, pharmacies, primary healthcare centers, emergency centers, train stations, administrative offices, urban issues, tax payment, parking ticket, census certificates, and lots more.

City Bot

 Do you need help using the Intelligent City Bot? Check the F.A.Q. page, or get in touch with us at [email protected].