Magic Mirror – Intelligent BOT to enhance shopping experience

Picture yourself in a store looking for a nice dress, where to even begin looking in the store? Wouldn’t it be better to have the perfect outfit suggested to you as you walk into the store, completely hassle free?

That dream is now a reality with the Magic Mirror.

Click for El Mundo’s news report on the Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror is an intelligent bot in a mirror that scans your face, recognizes your emotions, and present you with the best outfit, tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Based on Artificial Intelligence, this machine becomes a digital assistant that you can interact with by speech, text, and image recognition. It’s a robot, an intelligent mirror or a digital interface like a call center, a social media, or an e-commerce platform.

It is the best personal shopper that remembers loyal customers and rewards them with personalized fashion tips. In a store, it will offer you the coolest clothes and accessories, and let you share this new look with your friends through social media.

Thanks to the fidelity card, physical or virtual in your mobile phone, we gather information from your purchase history. The Big Data engine correlates this information with preferences, sociodemographical information, home types and others.

With Bismart’s intelligent algorithms, retail companies can profile their target customers and be more efficient in their marketing campaigns. They can do more with less.

The Magic Mirror comes up to you with the perfect product, you won’t be able to resist buying it.

Alice Magic Mirror Bismart