You can never know when you are going to fall ill, and when it happens it can often be too difficult to visit a doctor. Wouldn’t it be better to have the knowledge and recommendations of a medical professional in the comfort of your own home at all times? Now you can with the Medic Mirror!

The Medic Mirror is a mirror for your home that you interact with in order to get a quick diagnosis and advice on how to treat common illnesses. You can interact with the mirror by means of facial scanning through the in-built camera, by voice, or by touch to answer survey questions.

The camera will recognize the age, sex, emotional state of the patient as a starting off point, and by use of a questionnaire, will pinpoint the area and cause of the pain or illness. Depending on your answers, the path of the questionnaire will change to reflect what the more likely diagnoses may be.

The Medic Mirror is equipped with a range of tools and apparatus to help the care assistant understand better the patients’ ailments in order to prescribe the best treatment possible. Through this equipment the Medic Mirror can measure Body Mass Index, blood pressure, glucose levels, and more.

With this information, the Medic Mirror will give you helpful information to treat whatever ailment you’re suffering from. If the scenario requires it, you can also call the emergency services from the mirror itself if you need to go to an A&E ward.

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