Smart Social Home Care is an award-winning Big Data solution for healthcare and social services. Improve planning & better help vulnerable populations.

Smart Social Home Care is a revolutionary approach to tackling some of the most difficult problems our cities and societies face today: aging populations, loneliness, social exclusion, mental health, providing social services, and public health.

Our solution aggregates data about social services, health, populations, economic activity, utility usage, waste management, and more. Then, it uses this data to identify and predict groups and areas that will need help.

With its user-friendly dashboards, you’ll be able to visualize what’s happening and make better decisions to help vulnerable populations.

Smart Social home care for aging population

Currently, organizations deal with these issues is a very different way. Most local governments offer need-based aid to people in a reactive way. In other words, only people who actively request assistance can get it.

But there are lot of people who simply aren’t aware they can ask for help.

Another problem is that when social services make requests for additional funds, they often do so based on subjective information. They also have to compete with other organizations for funding. Often, the organization that makes the most noise gets the most funding – rather than the organization that needs it the most.

Smart Social Home Care changes this.

Using data from a wide range of different sources, Bismart’s solution identifies vulnerable populations.  Then, our mathematical algorithms predict which groups in which areas need the most help, as well as what kind of help they need. The information is presented to users in our highly visual dashboards, making it easy to see powerful insights from your data.

Smart Social Home Care empowers social services to use a preventative approach to serious social issues, rather than a palliative one, and enables them to make decisions based on real data.

Smart Social Home Care was awarded Best Innovation and Technology Solution at the 2016 Internet of Things Solutions World Congress.

See how Smart Social Home Care’s dashboards work:

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