A machine learning tool that predicts the amount of traffic accidents at a certain time and place.

The prediction takes into account environmental conditions at the time. Traffic Fatalities Prevention then recommends actions to reduce the number and impact of such accidents, thus minimizing the amount of resources required.

The European Union has called for a reduction in traffic fatalities by up to 50% by 2020, as compared to 2010. The addition of increased police checkpoints, speed cameras, and other measures has been successful, but it’s not enough; the decreasing trend in fatal accidents reversed in 2015. This is why we need predictive solutions.

Bismart’s Big Data solution predicts the amount of traffic accidents at a geographic point for a certain time period. Using this tool, governments and local administrations can better plan where to deploy their resources. The solution prescribes actions to minimize the number and impact of such accidents.

Bismart’s solution uses a variety of sources, including accident files, roadworks, weather conditions, and other data sets, to provide a highly valuable and highly accurate predictive model.