EII/MDM is a mapping tool that allows the user to create connectors between systems. It is a web tool for the end-user and it is user-friendly.

EII/MDM reduces the complexity of integrating new companies or implementing new technologies inside the company. It makes integration a lot quicker and it helps with the digital acceleration of the client. It reduces costs as it is a single integration point with other systems.

It does not require the development of specific aspects for each system; with a single one you can see all platforms. It provides an exclusive vision.

Today, all companies, as well as public administrations, use data. The data they gather can provide a lot of information and intelligence if properly processed. Many companies have realized that and are working towards making the most out of their data. Unfortunately, Big Data is not new anymore, it stopped making companies different and started becoming a requisite long ago. Now, we must differentiate ourselves by going a step further.


Now, however, the problem is that some companies operate differently, whether this be in their various departments or in the countries they work in, for example. This means that the data they collect comes in all shapes and sizes, so putting it all together can be a tedious and difficult task. Therefore, the people working in the different departments find themselves spending lengthy hours trying to verify all the data, feeling unsure of how to represent the data they have or working without the means to unify everything, with the risks and problems that that entails. A solution for that would be to have all systems communicate with each other, but this is practically impossible to do, as all systems are constantly changing and being updated.

The Administration also has the same problem. Many departments work in different ways and they are unable to share the information. Sometimes they even have the same information in different formats and they can’t unify it. 

EII/MDM offers a much easier solution for this. It is a tool that can communicate with all the systems, so it provides a unified vision of all the data. With it, the user is able to gather data provided in many different formats in one single format. The information collected through EII/MDM is guaranteed to be accurate, true and verified.