Aggregate information from multiple sources to identify and locate illegally listed apartment rentals.

Identify and locate illegal listings quickly and easily.

Illegal tourist apartment rentals are a major issue in many popular European cities. Short-term rentals to tourists push up rent prices and push out local residents.

However, local administrations are finding it challenging to find illegal vacation rentals. Currently, their only option is to conduct lengthy manual inspections – until now. Bismart’s Illegal Tourist Apartment Rental Detection changes that with a simple tool to quickly identify illegal tourist apartment rentals.


Save your administration time, money, and resources with Bismart’s Illegal Tourist Apartment Rental Detection.

illegal apartment rental

Bismart’s Illegal Tourist Apartment Detection aggregates information from multiple websites in order to get all the data needed to detect an illegal apartment.

Analyze apartment listings from multiple and complex sources

  • Machine learning
  • Big Data

The user-friendly web-based platform helps local administrations get all the information they need to quickly and correctly pinpoint illegal listings. It can be adapted to specific needs.