Hardware failure prediction

Predictive data analytics maintenance eliminates downtime and reduces operating costs. The Big Data engine collects data during the normal operation of machine tools: temperature, vibration, acoustic, forces, deflections and similar inputs.

The Machine Learning algorithms analyze the trends of machines which did not fail and compares it with machines that failed, for predicting what’s next. The analytical model is enriched by including external data such as weather, bank holidays, city events or economic activity.

Hardware failure prediction
Smart Destination

Smart Destination

Intelligent visitor routes mobile app

  • Big Data
  • Internet of things
  • Mobility

Smart Destination offers an amazing visitor experience. Using IOT, It gathers data from city sensors and provides incredible insights such as Smart City Routes.

Real Time Analytics. Internet of Things

Ingest millions of city events and gain insights in real-time, with Stream Analytics and Event Hub Analytics technologies.

About Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, such as real-time remote management and monitoring or gaining insights from city sensors and devices like mobile phones. Machine learning identifies anomalies and when a specific error or condition appears it triggers alerts and takes intelligent actions, in real-time.

Real Time Analytics. Internet of Things
An example of the microsoft tool in our Power BI tutorial

Power BI

Get the most out of your business. Work intelligently.

Power BI is the most complete suite of business analytics tools which converts complex amounts of data into rich visuals. With the help of Power BI you will be more knowledgeable about the intricate details of how your company is operating, helping you to get answers quicker and easier, and make better decisions.

Big Data

See the bigger picture. Be informed.

There’s a lot more information being created in the world by almost everything that people do, yet so much of this data goes unacknowledged and unused. Much of this data is too vast for any human to organise or utilize. Our Big Data solutions are here to solve that problem by letting complex algorithms organise this data instead, giving us in turn a much more complete picture of what we’re looking at – discovering market trends, predicting market behavior, and identifying new revenue streams are just some of the possibilities with Big Data.

Big Data Analytics, a Business Intelligence service
Machine Learning algorithms

Machine Learning

Make reliable future predictions for your industry using predictive analytics.

Machine Learning let’s computers learn and analyse data and offer predictions based off their findings, without being explicitly programmed to do so. Machine Learning works by allowing the machines the algorithms they need to set in motion the learning process and recognise patterns in huge swathes of data. The power of this technology can be used to uncover hidden insights that would be impossible to find otherwise.

Hololens Augmented Reality with Data Analytics

Data Analytics integration with Hololens lets you see contextual information while viewing the real world. The superimposed data could be kpi and predictive or prescriptive analytics, through windows pop-up or a 3D model. The applications are, face recognition, key equipment maintenance or inventory navigation.

Face recognition identifies a person, their age, gender and emotional state. It provides augmented reality for security forces to recognize wanted people. Hololens is essentially a headset with glasses that augments ‘holograms’ that users can see, hear, and interact with in real-time.

Hololens Augmented Reality with Data Analytics
Smart car safety system

Smart car safety system

If the face recognition camera in the car detects the driver is sleepy, a warning alarm goes off. If you are not the car owner it blocks the start engine. It customizes seat and rear mirror positions for every recognized driver.

In a car park it captures the image of the vehicle’s number plate and the image of the driver. A match ensures that the person is the owner.

Real Time Next Generation Dashboards

Real time dashboard and Machine learning solution for fleet management, to plan, monitor and act.

IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning platform for improving the efficiency of their bus and train network and staff, to increase the information, availability and comfort for their customers, to reduce the carbon emission and fuel consumption and to reduce ticket prices as a result of improved efficiency.