Big Data for Social Budget Planning

Smart Social Home Care for aging population and the vulnerable population. Big Data solution for healthcare & social services planning.

Data correlation of Social Services, Healthcare, Population, Economic activity, electricity and water supplies, waste management, and others, is the most revolutionary approach to solve the toughest problems our cities (and society) have to face: the aged, loneliness, social exclusion, mental health, social care and public health investment.

Smart Social home care for aging population
Bismart Big Data Business Intelligence Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface

Medic Mirror

You can never know when you are going to fall ill, and when it happens it can often be too difficult to visit a doctor. Wouldn’t it be better to have the knowledge and recommendations of a medical professional in the comfort of your own home at all times?

Now you can with the Medic Mirror!

The Medic Mirror is a mirror for your home that you interact with in order to get a quick diagnosis and advice on how to treat common illnesses. You can interact with the mirror by means of facial scanning through the in-built camera, by voice, or by touch to answer survey questions.

eldcare Friendly Reminders

Our eldcare Friendly Reminders gives helpful reminders to those in need of assistance to look after themselves at times others may not be able to do so.

Whether an elderly family member forgets to take their medication, or needs reminding of smaller tasks such as turning off lights, the eldcare Friendly Reminders is here to take care and give those timely reminders.

Voice Helper Virtual Care Assistant Bismart
Population health management

Population health management

The emerging use of data involved with the environmental and social determinants of health.

It is a good framework to allow governments, clinicians, social workers or other professionals, involved directly or indirectly in health care, to help patients efficiently.

Hospital readmission prevention

Machine learning solution which minimizes the number of readmissions in the Hospital and reduces the hospital stay by identifying the population risk segments and the situations that occur when patients are readmitted. It improves the patient quality of life and cost saving.

Machine Learning engine that correlates statistical Information about different variables such as the doctor, the service, the diagnosis, the time of day, the age range and the place of origin. This platform clusters different groups of variables to identify patterns. To discover insights not foreseen by the analysts

Hospital readmission prevention
City Bot

Intelligent City Bot

Locate yourself lost in a City, and an intelligent robot guides you with locations and time tables of city services. Plus, the robot helps you with the paperwork and endless administrative tasks.

Based on Artificial Intelligence this machine becomes a City Assistant, that you can interact with by speech, text and image recognition. It’s a robot or it’s a digital interface like a call center, social media or the municipality website.

Thanks to Big Data, the Bismart City BOT provides information about city services, such as police stations, pharmacies, primary healthcare centers, emergency centers, train stations, administrative offices, urban issues, tax payment, parking ticket, census certificate, etc.

Real Time Analytics. Internet of Things

Ingest millions of city events and gain insights in real-time with Stream Analytics and Event Hub Analytics technologies.

About Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, such as real-time remote management and monitoring or gaining insights from city sensors and devices like mobile phones. Machine learning identifies anomalies and when a specific error or condition appears it triggers alerts and takes intelligent actions, in real-time.

Real Time Analytics. Internet of Things