Intelligent City Bot

Locate yourself lost in a City, and an intelligent robot guides you with locations and time tables of city services. Plus, the robot helps you with the paperwork and endless administrative tasks.

Based on Artificial Intelligence this machine becomes a City Assistant, that you can interact with by speech, text and image recognition. It’s a robot or it’s a digital interface like a call center, social media or the municipality website.

Thanks to Big Data, the Bismart City BOT provides information about city services, such as police stations, pharmacies, primary healthcare centers, emergency centers, train stations, administrative offices, urban issues, tax payment, parking ticket, census certificate, etc.

City Bot
Bismart lanza la app smart destination

Smart Destination

Can you imagine arriving at your holiday destination, receiving a smart route proposal, totally aligned with your passions, tastes, budget and available time?

Smart Destination analyze s big amounts of data generated around the cities to provide the best experience and enjoy the best vacation of your life. All of this in terms of entrance delays at monuments, scheduled events, gastronomic offers, hotel occupation, traffic status, weather conditions, comments in the social media, etc. in real time!

Illegal Tourist Apartment Rental Detection

Aggregate information from multiple sources to identify and locate illegally listed apartment rentals.

The user-friendly web-based platform helps local administrations get all the information they need to quickly and correctly pinpoint illegal listings. It can be adapted to specific needs.


Happiness recognition & Tourist recommendations

Tourist offer recommendations based on emotion, gender and age recognition

The Emotion Recognition software takes an image as an input, and returns the confidence across a set of emotions for each face in the image.

The Machine Learning algorithm will recommend the most suitable tourist offers according to the emotional state, in real time.


Dwell Time Management & Queue Management

Understand waiting times and develop strategies for improving the quality of service. Facial images may be captured The system can now calculate how long it took the person to queue. The person can be tracked right through the center.

The system can determine how long a person spends in different parts of a mall or different parts of a store. The system does not need to recognize individuals. It simply enrolls them in a data-base when they are first seen and calculates how long they spend between two points.

Tourism Intelligent System

Big Data solution to improve the management and promotion of tourist destinations to be more competitive, through capturing and analyzing real time information related to tourist activity.

It correlates multiple sources of data coming from social media, booking portals, blogs, mobile operators and purchases made by credit cards. We disclose the level of satisfaction and opinion of visitors and residents, their time tables, where they come from, where they are going next, the real economic impact in the territory, where and what they spend their money on

Tourism Intelligent System
Smart Pricing

Smart Pricing

Dashboard for pricing hotel rooms and for determining the sales distribution through direct channel or different booking portals.

Prescriptive solution correlates isolated and heterogeneous data from Property management system (PMS), Sales channel information: Prices and occupancy, Weather, Scheduled city events, Public holidays.

Crowd Management Center

Crowd Management Center to manage Big City Events

The face detection solution aims at anticipating overcrowding and preventing incidents in city festivals, live concerts, sporting events and for pilgrims visiting holy places. It provides facial recognition, matching faces with a database, identifying individuals wanted by police.

Crowd Management Center
Public transportation fraud detection

Public transportation fraud detection

Subway companies can detect fraud and predict hardware failures

We gather information from IoT (Internet of Things). The ticket barriers are a combination of hardware and software that let you enter the station to take the train. Imagine that, simultaneously, the same season ticket is being used in two different stations. It could be fraud! Now we discover the black market in season tickets!

Hardware failure prediction

Predictive data analytics maintenance eliminates downtime and reduces operating costs. The Big Data engine collects data during the normal operation of machine tools: temperature, vibration, acoustic, forces, deflections and similar inputs.

The Machine Learning algorithms analyze the trends of machines which did not fail and compares it with machines that failed, for predicting what’s next. The analytical model is enriched by including external data such as weather, bank holidays, city events or economic activity.

Hardware failure prediction

Real Time Next Generation Dashboards

Real time dashboard and Machine learning solution for fleet management, to plan, monitor and act.

IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning platform for improving the efficiency of their bus and train network and staff, to increase the information, availability and comfort for their customers, to reduce the carbon emission and fuel consumption and to reduce ticket prices as a result of improved efficiency.

Smart car safety system

If the face recognition camera in the car detects the driver is sleepy, a warning alarm goes off. If you are not the car owner it blocks the start engine. It customizes seat and rear mirror positions for every recognized driver.

In a car park it captures the image of the vehicle’s number plate and the image of the driver. A match ensures that the person is the owner.

Smart car safety system