Business approach driven by data


We have been providing IT solutions for data management and analysis for more than 10 years.

We ensure data quality, process efficiency and the simplicity and clarity of the user interface, always based on a correct understanding our customers’ goals and needs.

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We help organizations get the most out of their data by developing business solutions from a strategic and tactical point of view.

Our technology-based methodology helps companies compete in the digital age.

Power BI

Power BI

At Bismart we are experts at implementing solutions with the most successful Business Intelligence tool: Microsoft Power BI. We are one of its few Gold Partners in Business Intelligence since 2009.

With Power BI solutions we can:

Transform data into stunning visual objects and share them on any device.

Visually explore and analyze data, locally and in the cloud, all in one view.

Collaborate and share in custom dashboards and interactive reports.

Distribute them with an integrated governance and security system.



We offer solutions in three key areas:

Integration: Adequate data integration between systems is key in processes such as the consolidation of subsidiary data, the loading of data into a data warehouse and communication between management systems so that business flows are not interrupted.

Management and storage: We do not only implement solutions for data storage and/or analysis. We ensure the quality of the information and that it is easily accessible and understood by users.

Analysis: We cover all aspects of advanced analytics (descriptive, predictive and prescriptive) taking special consideration of the user interface and its design and usability.



Our work model is oriented to the identification of insights through a process that pursues the generation of business growth on a data intelligence basis.



Alineada con los objetivos de negocio

De datos internos y externos


Cualitativos / cuantitativos



Fijación de KPI clave

Empathy Map

Pains / Gains Analysis

“3i” Insight Model



Dashboards automatizados

Mapa de oportunidades

Estratégias y planes de acción



Definición de metodología

Fijación / seguimiento de métricas

Fine-tunning e iteracciones


Placing the consumer at the center of decisions through data-driven strategies allows companies to compete with guarantee of success in VUCA environments characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.


  • Luis Javier Gadea
    Luis Javier Gadea Director, Segittur

    At Segittur we wanted to have a version of our Tourism Intelligence System in a Microsoft environment, using MS PowerBi as a viewer of reports and dashboards, which would allow us to offer an easy-to-use tool for the end user, which will integrate into a single system the different sources of current and future information of a tourist destination, making the tool a key element of an intelligent tourist destination. To achieve these objectives Bismart has been the perfect ally and has offered us support in the development, maintenance and evolution of our Tourist Intelligence System.

  • Stefan Hoetzl
    Stefan Hoetzl CEO, Teka

    At Teka we are very proud of our project "True Economics", thanks to which we have achieved a 360° vision of the marginality of our products sold globally. We have worked with Bismart to carry it out, and it has been a great success.

  • Raimon Dalmau
    Raimon Dalmau CIO, SEM

    At Sistema d'Emergències Mèdiques (SEM) we needed an informational data model. We have relied on Bismart to define the ETL processes, guarantee the quality of the data of the Health Transport activity, geographical data and others, which has been a success and we continue to trust them.

  • Gabriel Amengual
    Gabriel Amengual Barceló Group

    In the last year we have evolved the company's reporting services, opening new horizons of information with high business value. In this endeavor, Bismart has been one of our reference partners. Through the Microsoft PowerBI tool and Azure services, Bismart has helped us to successfully develop this project.

  • Antoni Sunyer
    Antoni Sunyer Banc Sabadell Group

    In BSOS (Banc Sabadell Group) we have participated in the making of a data model for the creation of dashboards that allow the periodic monitoring of different operational activities of the entity and its suppliers. To this end, our entity relies on Bismart and its SQL Server data integration services that allow us to create various dashboards with sufficient information to carry out detailed analysis of many activities. We count on their collaboration to continue evolving and maintaining the system.

  • Beatriz Marco
    Beatriz Marco Sanitas

    In Sanitas Mayores we have created a dashboard of indicators to improve the use of the Familias app in our PowerBI centers. To do this we have relied on Bismart to integrate data from 46 Sanitas Mayores centers into an Azure SQL database, model data and develop PowerBI reports. The work carried out by Bismart has been very professional and the professionals assigned to the project have a knowledge and experience that brings great value to customers.

  • Artur Frigola
    Artur Frigola CIO, Barcelona de Serveis Municipals

    In BSM we have implemented a unique data integration platform: integration, normalization, consolidation of client master data and related entities in all areas of BSM. We have entrusted Bismart with the performance of the services of analysis, development and integration of databases with very positive results.